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What is Audiobus?Audiobus is an award-winning music app for iPhone and iPad which lets you use your other music apps together. Chain effects on your favourite synth, run the output of apps or Audio Units into an app like GarageBand or Loopy, or select a different audio interface output for each app. Route MIDI between apps — drive a synth from a MIDI sequencer, or add an arpeggiator to your MIDI keyboard — or sync with your external MIDI gear. And control your entire setup from a MIDI controller.

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Audiobus is the app that makes the rest of your setup better.

Stroke Machine to be released tomorrow with AB support

$14.99 until December 26 and then $19.99 US



  • So probably 11pm tonight. Any German interpreters here?

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  • There's a UK flag at the bottom that flips it to English.

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  • YouTube link didn't work for me on the site.

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    Stroke Machine
    Stroke Machine is a professional drum and groove synthesizer and sequencer for the iPad developed by Wolfram Franke.

    Program the own rhythms and grooves and transforming between them during your live performance. Unlock individual instruments mute or put it on solo, change parameters and take your performance to an audio file in order to share it with others, or to edit it later on your computer.
    The high-contrast user interface is perfect for low light conditions on the stage and assisted in the creation of sound in the studio.
    Stroke Machines powerful sound engine offers high-quality oscillator, filter, overdrive and effects models, extremely fast envelope and LFO, a sample-accurate pattern sequencer and an extensive sample, sound and pattern library.

    The far-reaching sound creation possibilities include two oscillators with typical analog waveforms, sample playback, frequency and ring modulation, and a separate noise generator with integrated multi-mode filters. Their sum is fed into a transient generator, followed by another filter, overdrive, sample rate and bit reduction and finally a two-band equalizer.

    Freely assignable modulations with a user interface easy to understand offer maximum flexibility.

    Each sound is mixed in to one of four effects busses, each FX bus a buzz overdrive, a compressor, a modulation effect such as chorus, flanger, phaser or sum filter and a spatial effect such as delay or Clocked Delay, or a natural, non-linear or plate type reverb.


    • 12 drum and percussion sounds
    • 12 Melodic Sounds
    • Number of votes limited only by CPU
    • 4 multi-FX buses
    • Pattern with up to 8 bars and 1/16-Auflösung, cycle counter and denominator freely selectable
    • Swing
    • Modulationssequencer for uniform or quantized automation of all sound and bus parameters
    • 128 patterns including all the sounds in direct access
    • Mute and Solo circuit of the tracks
    • Sample import
    • Audio export of a pattern or the performance
    • Audiobus
    • WIST

    Per voice:

    • 2 oscillators with sine, triangle, sawtooth, pulse with pulse width modulation
    • Sinusoidal waveforms can be changed in edge shape, symmetry and saturation
    • Sample playback
    • Modulation frequency of each oscillator by white noise and oscillator 1 by Oscillator 2
    • Ring Modulation
    • Noise generator with white and pink noise, variable density and multi-mode filter
    • Transientgenerator with crack, Rattle, Spike, Click, and Thump generators
    • Multimode filter with 6 dB low-or high-pass, 12 dB and 24 dB low, band or high pass and band-stop
    • Overdrive module with light, medium and heavy distortion diodes, transistor clip, tubes and Fuzz Overdrive and height filter
    • Redux module with sample rates and bit reduction
    • Parametric two-band EQ with shelving and bell shaped
    • Glide generator with portamento and glissando with melodic sounds
    • Voice allocation polyphonic, monophonic bow. one of three XOR groups
    • 1 LFO with sine, triangle, pulse, unipolar pulse, sawtooth, 4 - and 8-step ramp, Sample & Hold, - Random, rate synchronized to the clock
    • 2 envelopes with (ADSR) or without (2 decays with breakpoint) sustain and variable slope for each phase
    • LFO modulation sources, Envelope 1 and 2, velocity, note number, 4 random generators, pitch bend and modulation wheels
    • Each continuous parameter can be modulated
    • Voice is mixed in one of four effects buses

    Pro FX bus:

    • Sum overdrive with different types and height filter
    • Compressor
    • Modulation effect with 2 - to 6-stage chorus, 4 - to 12-stage phaser or sum filters
    • Room effect with stereo modulation delay, synchronized to clock, natural, non-linear or plate reverb

    Converted to English via Google Translate

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  • It may have fischer-price colors, but it looks like it's pretty powerful! I'm interested in learning more! :-)

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  • Well I just bought it. Got a 10 hour boat trip coming up in a few hours, will give me something to while away the hours :-)

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    @Simon LOL!!! :-)

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  • @thinds said:

    Well I just bought it. Got a 10 hour boat trip coming up in a few hours, will give me something to while away the hours :-)

    Hey thinds what's your first impression of it?

  • Not even opened it yet I'm afraid. Just going to shut down the PC, close the business, jump into car and head away on hols. I really did get it get this to look at on the boat. My other half may overrule that though.

  • If my wife sees this app on my App Store purchase history, there may be some questions asked...

  • Apps or marriage......? its a tricky one eh?

  • I'd love to give this a spin. But after looking at the full screen screenshots on the AppStore for a while, my eyes just started to hurt. This dev needs to provide another theme/skin, those colors will put a strain on anyone's eyes :/

  • No midi clock?And another vote for a different skin!

  • Played around for half an hour (eyes OK but should have gone to bed an hour ago). Seems quite deep with lots of mod assignments and automation available. Should be capable of producing some pretty cool grooves but definitely need more time to master this one.

  • Really, 25 comments and not a single one about the app being called 'Stroke Machine'? You dudes are getting old.

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    That's because it was a surprise app and he came out of the gate with AB.

  • Bought this app & I really think this could be something special! It's a bit buggy at the moment.

    I've tested on an iPad mini & iPad4, iOS 7.0.4. IPad mini can't handle some of the presets that use a lot of fx - the London1 preset uses 3 reverbs & that's just stutter city, turning them off = smooth playback. On both iPad mini & iPad4 the step sequencer play head doesn't scroll smoothly, & for some reason SM isn't showing up in AudioBus's input..

    HST, I'm really happy with SM, I've only played around with it for a bit, but it looks really deep - which I think we can all agree is what good stroke machines should do ;)

  • It's not happy through AB at the moment. It plays OK but has problems recording - tried Master FX, AudioShare, Cubasis and FL Studio. Lots of potential but definitely a bit buggy!!

  • @gdog said:

    Bought this app & I really think this could be something special! It's a bit buggy at the moment.

    Waldorf and bugs?Naaa,c'mon...

    Jokes aside,i'm not surprised.

  • Billy Squire comes to mind for some reason or another?

  • Energy NXT and Stroke Machine -- really good times for groovebox fans like me ;-)
    BTW I like the trippy look.

  • I agree, we just need the dev to sort the AudioBus implementation as it's not working.

  • Groove stuff....... I am sold! Love them.

  • Just tried it, seems pretty good but some preset grooves don't make any sounds at all.

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