Usb 3 camera adapter + earpod lightning works?

Its possible use usb 3 camera adapter lightning port for a earpod lightning? Or the lightning port is just for charge?
There's any way to get
Audio, usb data transfer and charge from just 1 lightning port?

My plan was use a wireless charger and camera conection kit for usb data transfer (connect a midi keyboard) and then... with the lightning port the earpods...


  • wimwim
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    Nope, sorry. The lightning port of the CCK is only for charge.

  • Yeah, tested on my phone and a ‘Pad. Gives a “USB accessory is not supported” error.

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    @Liquidmantis @wim thank you guys, do you know anyway to connect a usb midi piano, earpods (could be 3.5 or lightning) amd charge, all at the same time in a iphone x?

  • I’m pretty sure that without an external USB audio interface with a headphone jack, you can’t do it. I did try just now with a splitter cable I have, which allows lightning earbuds and charging cable to be connected at the same time. It works for that, but If I plug the headphones in and the USB 3 camera adapter in at the same time, nothing plugged into the USB 3 adapter is recognized. Unplug the headphones and things are immediately recognized.

    I’m 99% sure you just can’t do it without an audio interface with headphone jack.

  • @wim i have a livetrack l12 but it doesn’t let me conect the midi keyboard to it.
    Maybe the only way would be the lightning dock station i believe that some people comment that it works with cck

  • If you're already using a Livetrack, just use a USB hub to get interface and MIDI.

  • @Liquidmantis said:
    If you're already using a Livetrack, just use a USB hub to get interface and MIDI.

    I though that the live track will give me just the sounds that are coming from the livetrack i never tried because i doesn’t have a usb hub.

    Another question a usb hub with jack 3.5 doesn’t exist right?

  • That'd be an interface. :) Maybe you want a Novation AudioHub? But the Livetrack is a 12 x 4 interface, so you can get 4 channels from the iPad. CCK3 to USB hub and Lightning charge cable, then Livetrack and MIDI devices into the hub. It's not terribly portable but I have a Livetrack L12 too and do just that.

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