Keith McMillen K-Board, within the UK

I’m going to sell my K-Board, now that I have a microKey Air, as I’ve only used the K-Board less than ten times since I bought it several years ago. It isn’t a thing I use.

Here’s some irritations I observe (which will no doubt convince you to buy it off me, if that’s how this marketing thing works):

  • I found the slight bend or camber between one end and the other a bit irritating, as when it lays flat on a table, it rocks very slightly when you press the keys down.
  • A lot of instruments are so so quiet you can barely hear them – I really have to press the keys down quite hard sometimes.
  • It requires plugging in using the included (or any other) micro-USB to USB type A (the computer-end sort) lead. This then requires an iPad to USB type A converter (which most of us will of course already have in the form of the Apple CCK, particularly the Apple one with an additional lightning port for power – that’s recommended).

The good bits:

  • It uses a fairly reasonable spacing for the keys (one octave on the K-board is about the span of one octave minus a key on my microKey Air).
  • Blinkenlites
  • Small and portable (which was the original impetus for purchasing it, so that it can fit in a backpack, only I never did take it anywhere and it just sat around here).
  • The literature conveys the idea that it is nearly indestructible – I’ve far from tested this, but can assure you that having it sat in its own retail packaging for half its life, and having it sat on my printer with some headphones on top of it for the other half, has thus far not shown signs of needing to be written off.

Anyway, I’ll eBay it in a short while, maybe in a week or so, so anyone here who wants it get in touch and we can sort out how much you want to pay for it (I’m easy on that front, I’m more interested in passing it on and getting it out of my field of view than scraping back much of what I paid for it), but can I request it be UK people only, for the postage (or if you’re in London, we could meet).


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