Does SAMPLIR cause undo distortion? IPAD3

I have an IPAD3/Retina Display 64GB 1G RAM. I can't seem to run SAMPLIR without totally glitch-ing out. I have tried turning on airplane mode. Does anybody have any suggestions or is there something I'm doing wrong? I noticed somebody here said that they can run many many apps in it, but I can't seem to even run anything alongside SAMPLIR?


  • I just ran Samplr in Audiobus through Jamup without problems on an iPad 2 with airplane mode off and safari and app store sitting in memory. Did you start Audiobus before anything else?

  • Please restart your iPad or close all apps the background.

  • I did indeed go into airplane mode before I started audiobus. Also when I double click the home button to see what programs are "sitting in memory" and it appears that every single icon I have on my Ipad is there? Is that normal that all the icons should appear there? At any rate I noticed that if I just do not open audiobus then I can run every app no problem. This must be some sort of error I'm sure but I just can't seem to find what kind.

  • you should close those apps that are sitting in memory. Just tap and hold until they wiggle like when you organize your home screen. Then a little red minus (-) icon will appear on each app icon. Tap the (-) to close the app completely. The ipad keeps resources stored in memory for fast app-switching. This is why those icons are still sitting there.

  • Yes thank you so much uglykidmoe for your help. I am aware of how to close the apps but am wondering if its normal for every single app I have to be on that list even after I restart and open nothing? If so then I will close every one of them. Still confused because says those apps are not technically open.

  • @Eleusis yes, that's normal. It's your 'recently ran' apps list.

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