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Ampify - We're back on Audiobus. Tell us your frustrations (and hopes)

Hi All,

It's Matt (Derbyshire) here from Ampify. Thanks to someone on this forum for letting me know about the frustrations being expressed with some areas of our apps right now. I can understand this, and also our lack of appearance here for a while.

I firstly wanted to to start by saying that we haven't released many major features for a while now. However that doesn't mean we've abandoned iOS. In fact, quite the opposite. I can use this thread to probably help give some insight as to why, a hint at where we're going, and also start to route your frustrations to the right people here at Ampify.

For the past few months we've been having to do some work that will only really appear to you guys in the future. It's been a long road for us, and we've had to trade off new features, and sometimes even fixes to get this big piece of work done. However, we've mostly finished that now. So now is as good a time as ever to listen to your feedback here, and attempt to give some re-assurance that your investment in us has, and will continue to be a good one!.

Anyway, I'm preparing myself for a lot of feedback. Please bear with me if I don't respond as promptly as I could.

// Matt



  • @AmpifyxNovation A mysterious comment! Let the speculation begin !

  • For Groovebox & Blocs Wave & Launcpad

    • User Preset Saving.
    • Import User Samples to 'Drum Pads' and add a new 'Keyboard Sampler/Synth' with optional direct access to files in BlocsWave.
    • Synth Autmation with editing of the recorded automation.
    • Easy export of selected pattern(s) & track(s) from GroveBox to BlocsWave and LaunchPad.
    • support for for all three apps for easy import/export of rendered content.

    That's it for starters...

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    Hi glad to see you here and that things are still going on!!! :)

    Your apps are iOS essentials, because we love them we wish to get more of them, of course.

    Just found an issue yesterday with Blocswave time-stretch algo which gives some offsets to the audio. Hardly audible but it’s possible to feel it with multiple tracks (especially when some tight and precise arps from other apps are used, something feels wrong rythmically).

    Could this be improved?

    Initial topic:

    Illustration vidéo:

    There is also this audio engine issue/freeze when BW is stopped and when you go to background, the go to background workaround works well but should be better if fixed.

    Also, about iaps could be cool to have more ethnic percs, vocals, drums, more genres centred or specific instrument packs too and less ambiant sounds, there are already tons of them in BW.

    Better files management in BW is hugely needed.

    About features more fxs iaps in BW and Launchpad, perhaps AUV3 support too at least for fxs. Standard midi control via midi learn for LP should be best too (loop and scenes toggle, levels, etc...). All of this should be universal when possible.

    Song presets sharing between devices... please!!! Cloud or Airdrop. And song backup.

    I know some users have huge needs with Groovebox but I don’t use it, they will certainly contribute.

  • I like to see more integration and cross over like we had with Bloc Wave and Launchpad. Come to all 3 ie Groovebox and obviously open up the midi more. Is there a hint of some sort of new hardware integration waiting in the wings !

  • As a long time LaunchKey mini owner, I've really enjoyed the hardware and app (LaunchKey and LaunchPad) integration and would love to see this expanded into all of the apps. And please, reconsider keeping old the LaunchKey app in working order. Even though it's pretty limited, I still love this little sound maker/tweaker.

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    @AmpifyxNovation hi ! Thanks for your return !

    For Launchpad app:
    1.Allow backups
    2.Allow scale keychange on pack samples on the samples themselves (and create copies) to get fast variations available on different pads. (and independent from the main scale)
    3.Allow midi in (to control launching of pads and fx pads , main scale, and global start/stop)
    4.Allow a midi global/start/stop with some pads activated or not by default.
    A kind of song mode.
    These patterns would be available on top line of the launchpad (the unused circles on the hardware) so that would allow 7 patterns.
    On the right, the other unused circles would make access to banks, so 4 banks, so a total of 4 songs of 7 patterns.
    On the app, there would be these 2 rows of circles beautifully integrated... :) (if no program change control, a midi learn function ? But PC's are rock solid to me...)

    5.make these banks selectable using program change.

    That would be awesome :)

  • MIDI control!

  • Hey! I’m actually very happy with the content of your apps although I tend to use them as a play ground prior to moving into Ableton. With that in mind I wish there was a way in Groovebox to, at the very least, favorite presets. Preferably preset patterns as well. It’s too hard to keep track of the presets I enjoy. Thanks!

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    No. 1 request for me would be Automation in Groovebox, even with Launchkey and all 10 of my digits I can't modulate more than 1 synth at a time :D, and actually on that subject, I am eyeing up the new SL MKIII for xmas, any plans for that to work with Groovebox like Launchkey does ?

    Oh, and welcome back !

  • Is the ‘big piece of work’ a new app or is it a feature that ties together or advances the ecosystem across the board?

  • As exFan (big one in both sides) I will start for ironing bugs on Launchpad. It’s suposed to be a realtime performance tool but it isn’t. Glitches were common in iOS11, I’m not sure in iOS12 since I drop it as useless. I will love feedback from other users and iDevice used (mini4 here).

    Then with stability back in home the wishlist is:

    • Open midi remote control for launchpad. It could be an iAP or develop a pedalboard compatible. I need my two hands to play keytar, thanks.
    • Improve Auto suggestion in BlocsWave and make it with actual bpm instead loaded material. I love to wreck bpms to make downtempo or drumnbass.
    • Add some kind of tuner. Most of us don’t know how to set the key properly and makes our own samples useless with packs.
    • Implement Groovebox export to Launchpad or Blocs to complete the workflow. I never had true interest on GB due to this. Maybe now I’m back to Ableton I will see some interest on it but help users to get love will be appreciated.
    • Implement some things on Launch Series or let users learn unused buttons. The upper launch button on launchkeys could launch and entire row since doing it swiping over the row physical buttons sometimes fail (lol). That way we can still switch to fx with the lower one but also launch song parts properly without needing to touch the screen (which is the value of external controller).
    • Improve background connection. Launch series is unconsistent between keeping inControl when switch the app making it a pita to work in junction with others. Recieving notes on other apps when I’m launching clips is also a workflow bug. More midi related...
    • Made Launchpad app universal. If I will buy a launch controller again in the future I want to use it with my phone too. I don’t want to gig with iPad everytime.
    • Make project cloud based so we can open them in any device. Ableton export is cool but I can’t reopen something done in my iPhone on the iPad so makes using in the phone a nogo aka less time on your apps aka less g.a.s for packs or whatever related to the brand.

    This all ATM since I use less and less these and I found my workarounds. Novation gear was bought for use with launchpad app and sold at the same moment I be aware of these bugs. My trust had been lost, make me come back fixing some of these.

    If I remember more I will post them. Sorry to sound negative but it’s the risk of make things so dependent between them (hard/soft) when all goes ok it’s heaven, when goes bad it’s hell...

  • Oh boy.

    I almost want to put on protective goggles for this thread! LOL

  • Just put automation into Groovebox. Let’s start there.

  • @db909 said:
    Just put automation into Groovebox. Let’s start there.


  • Groovebox request:

    • MIDI file export
  • Start by hiring at least 2 people watching these threads and another 50 people coding the ideas ;)

  • Groovebox - midi file out please.

  • Create AUv3 interfaces for the underlying synths in Groovebox (Similar to what ROLI has done with Noise)

  • more midi control. agreed. love the groove box sound packs, so keep up the great work there

  • @AmpifyxNovation Gadget Audiobus Input to Blocswave is broken. Other apps weirdly unaffected.

  • AUv3! That would be amazing.

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    @LucidMusicInc said:
    @AmpifyxNovation Gadget Audiobus Input to Blocswave is broken. Other apps weirdly unaffected.

    I’ve reported this one to KORG and a fix will be there on next Gadget update :)

  • Let us zoom out of the piano roll screen so we can see up to 4 or 8 bars at once, that zoomed in view is hard to work with imo and that would bring me back to GB a lot more

  • Maybe I'm just missing it, but a record count in would be great

  • A metronome in Blocswave when slicing first loop could be pretty useful too, on some occasions I had to use AUM metronome for example.

  • And please let us disable Auto save ! Too many times I've had a great thing going then I made a a few small changes, and well, couldn't get back cuz Auto save, I don't want 50 versions of the same track 😁

  • @AmpifyxNovation 1) direct support for easier import/export

    2) method to backup all our projects and move to another iDevice.

  • @AmpifyxNovation Welcome/welcome back Matt.

    @all well done for being constructive so far :)

    As someone who has a subscription to your apps (read: I buy most all of the packs etc :)) I'm really pleased to hear that you've been working on a secret boulder but it's mostly rolled out of the road at this point.

    As for specifics, this place is a brilliant market research repository and I have no doubt my compadres have given you plenty of valuable ideas above. I vote for any and all of them; just pleased to have you guys moving the ball forward.

    Would I like automation in Groovebox? Extra hell yeah, but the more sensible part of my nature would be happy with some better files/user filing options in Blocs.

    Keep on.

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