iBassist Tutorial - How To Set Up & Use The Live Pads With Other Apps

How to use the Live Pads with Rock Drum Machine and BS-16i, this is so useful.


  • Just bumping my own post....lol

  • @thesoundtestroom said:
    Just bumping my own post....lol

    Glad you did. This is serious juju to the boys at the back. Find rock drummer a bit muscular, but soft drummer is lovely etc etc. Thank you Sir Doug.

  • @thesoundtestroom said:
    Just bumping my own post....lol

    Thanks for the bump, I missed this the other day. It's a great video and my mind is going crazy with the possibilities. Especially if you throw in AudioBus and MidiFlow. Writing one simple bassline could automate an entire fully mixed song

  • @LuisMartinez is there a possibility to have iBassist remember settings when used within AudioBus?

    I have a really cool setup going in AB3 but I have to reconfigure the midi settings or setup in iBassist every single time I load the AB3 preset.

    Would be so nice if iBassist worked with state saving inside AB3.

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