I would love to see where I am in the recording.

Hi I would love to have something that would tell me how far along into the recording I am. I'm pretty good at guestimating but sometimes the end just sneaks up on me and I have to abruptly end a recording or have it go over the time I wanted. Perhaps a little meter on the transport bar that would just count down the time or show the time elapsing. Thanks so much. Great little app!! Game Changer


  • That is a good idea. What app are you using for recording?

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    Mostly Loopy and Multi Track Daw. I did get a great recording on my ipad4 using animoog but I foolishly tried on the2 and it would not keep the recording...as they warned..it really isn't for the 2. So, with the 2 which I use at work I will stick with Multi-and Loopy!! they have been awesome!

  • Nice. I'm a big fan of MT Daw. Maybe someday the AB control panel can support things like cpu usage and recording details in a way that won't be a problem. I'm sure it's going to be a difficult thing to do.. don't want to over complicate things for users or developers.

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