PSA: Don't update to iOS 12.4 if you use apps in AB output slot or IAA apps that use the mic.

App Store logout + login with another account = more apps to install??

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I’m still kinda new to all things iOS. ..but when I logout from the App Store I can still use all my apps right? But I won’t be able to get updates to my apps of course. So my already installed apps stay on my iPad and I use them as normal when logged out.


what if I login on the same iPad with another user account? Can I download that account's collection of apps + use my own collection at the same time?

I want to logout because I’m done buying apps for a while, I’ve spend quite some money on apps the last 6 months.. I need to protect myself :-)

All apps I have work without mayor problems and have all the features I need now. I’ll login in a couple of months to get the new updates and new features.


  • Yes if you login with another account you have access to that accounts apps...

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    Ah just asked that question trying to understand in wich way apps are tied to your account...
    Like I said.. buying new apps all time doesn’t let me focus on what I have already..
    SunVox, Xequence, Gadget, Caustic, Audio Evolution + some AU synths are all I need right now..

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    Yes it works just like that. Under Settings, you log in to the iTunes/App Store with your Apple ID. Then, in (iOS 11)the AppStore app, you go to updates, then tap the little person icon in the upper right corner, then tap “Purchased’ to see the apps purchased on that account. Later, you need to log in with the account that purchased the apps to update them.

    One hiccup, is that if you purchase the app later, on another account, and want to use that account for updates, you must delete the app and reinstall it from the new account. This causes you to lose your user data for that app, like if you had songs or presets you saved. You’d have to back it up and restore your personal data with iTunes, manually.

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    Okay thanks for the info....

    I really like music making on iOS.. But the contstant notifications for app updates, buying new apps, fear of new bugs with bugfixes are a distraction for me. If it works fine right now I rather keep it that way and be sure it stays thats way until I choose to login again.. I can do so much already with the apps I got now..

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