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How could Logic Remote response so fast?

Through a same router, TouchOSC bridge or Network Session response very slowly, but not Logic Remote. It always has very low latency. I'm curious how Apple managed to do that? And if there is alternative for Network Session for lower latency?


  • If you find out, please tell us. You're not the first one pointing this out. It's a bit sad that Apple aren't documenting how they're doing this because a few hundred thousand developers out there would surely make good use of that technology if they could.

  • Probably the keyword here is bi-directional optimization...

  • IanIan
    edited December 2013

    it's in the coding
    " if product=apple then zoomo//
    if product= anything else then brake"

  • edited December 2013

    I dunno, I use MIDI Designer a lot over Network MIDI and it is very fast too. The dev is just seriously dedicated to optimizing his product.

    Also What about Lemur? I can't imagine they can charge $50 and put up with poor latency... (Though, I don't have any personal experience with Lemur)

  • Touchable have the same low latency technology…...I think...

  • Forget the price, Lemur is not the best candidate for low latency "miding" over network....

  • I think touchOSC is just kinda slow compared to other control apps I've used. A shame because it sure is lovely to look at.

    @Sebastian said:

    If you find out, please tell us. You're not the first one pointing this out.

    I wonder if someone adapt at network sniffing could point to something useful?

  • huh, @manuhz. I've been happy with MIDI Designer, so I haven't tried other options, but I'm surprised to hear that Lemur is not great over WiFi.

  • You are on the right side ;-) Midi Designer is also for me the first choice to basic control over WiFi

  • You can connect both Lemur and Logic Remote via Bluetooth. That's the fastest wireless setup I know of at this point

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