Is there a way to map a midi channel changer to a Knob?

I’m building a template for the KMI Quneo midi controller to use with Grooverider. I’ve got everything sorted except the midi channel issue. I’d like to use one preset on the controller for channel 1 (to where it only controls parameters for a single pad ) and map one slider to a midi channel switcher. Is there a way to accomplish this? Thanks in advance!

A small aside, I’ve tried searching the forums but I am really bad searching this forum it seems 😔. If this has already been discussed, sorry for the duplicate.


  • StreamByter can do this, though it would require some substantial programming skill. Below is a script that does something similar, but done with notes rather than cc values.

    # Script to change midi channel from keyboards that
    # don’t have the ability to change it on-board
    # A7 = ch1, A#7 = ch2 ... C8 = ch16
      ASS L0 = 0 #Start with no channel offset
      SET LB0 S—
      SET LB1 S—
    # Detect note A7 or higher
    IF MT >= 80
      IF MT <= 9F
        IF M1 >= 69
          # Set channel to offset above A7
          MAT L0 = M1 - 69 #L0 = offset from A7
          MAT L1 = L0 + 1 #to display channel starting at 1
          SET LB0 SCH.
          SET LB1 L1 +D
          XX = XX +B #block A7 or above from sounding
        #Display the note if below A7
        IF M1 < 69
          SET LB0 M1 +N
    # Add the channel offset
    MAT M0 = M0 + L0
    # Display cc and value if cc message
    IF MT == B0
      SET LB0 M1 +D
      SET LB1 M2 +D
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