iDensity is on the bus

What's New in Version 1.4

  • Audiobus support
  • MIDI Input (virtual/network)
  • MIDI Control Change learn
  • Connection Control: Midi, Scrub Y, Second Finger and Accelerometer X/Y
  • Set individual gravity for Scrub Y, Second Finger and Accelerometer X/Y
  • Set individual widget rescale range for Scrub Y, Second Finger and Accelerometer X/Y
  • WavePad zoom improvements
  • Retina display support
  • Audio Copy and Paste fixed bug on iPhone 5, now appear in the compatible list
  • iOs 5.1 audio issue fixed
  • Effects Chain after granulator fade IO
  • Freeze scanning improved


  • Did you make this app?

  • nope, just relaying the information. seems pretty cool but i just spent $50 on auria so it'll have to wait.

  • Yeah lol you posted so much info I thought it was your bag. :-) It doesn't look like anything I could ever use but I would've bought it if you had made it. lol I don't think I'll buy Auria until iPad's catch up to it, if that ever happens, they may just keep beefing it up as the systems grow.

  • @Ryan trimmed a bit of the fat. :) yea Auria is a great app but it does feel a bit ahead of its time performance wise. nonetheless, it's a great addition the the 'bus.

  • @hypoetical Yeah I considered buying it until I read the developers notes where they said that you need an iPad 3rd gen or 4th and even with that you can only have one app running with no plugins and a maximum of two track recording. Seems like the users are having a better time then the developers said they would, but still.. Two tracks? What are we doing? LOL I really like MT DAW for it's simplicity and the fact it works on iphone.. Untill FlStudio mobile gets AB I'll be using that for sure. If I need a kickass DAW, I already spent thousands of dollars on them for PC. LOL

    Meteor looks good too. But I'm happy now. Actually making music getting it recorded and finished is the most important thing. Cause really, you could have the best DAW in the world but if you don't ever make a song, well, then people recording themselves on a 1980's tape recorder are actually doing better then you :-)

  • amen. it feels good having everything on the device for once and not having to fud with the computer/laptop.

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