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Friend wants to buy an iPad...

A friend of mine has decided to take the plunge on an iPad after watching my work with iOS musicking. He was waiting to see if iPads might arrive with the Apple event this past week, but alas, no new iPads. I believe from the other thread that they will arrive next month? He doesn't want to sink a lot of money into a Pro until he is sure that iOS musicking will work for him, so he's looking for a non-Pro version. What is a good short term strategy? Perhaps he can pick up an iPad 2018 for cheap before new models arrive next month? Or just wait what the new lineup brings? I'm terrible with keeping up with the latest hardware, but I know many of you are experts with this stuff, so I'm asking on my friend's behalf. Thank you for any advice you can give!


  • My advice would to go no less than an Air 2 and you can usually pick them up used but in good shape for a couple hundred.

  • I have used an ipad4 with very satisfying results. Loads to iOS 10.3, 32 gb... A good entry level, probably $100. For sure he will know if ios is for him or her, or not.

  • Ah yes. Used is a good call! Will check local market...

  • Thing about iPads is you can use them for other things too. So, even if he/she spent on a close-to-newish one if the music thing didn’t work out it likely would not be a waste.

  • I dont think that there will be a new budget ipad soon, just pros.

    The newest budget ipad is pretty equal to air2 in terms of horsepower, but has worse screen. Used air2 is also cheaper. Id recommend either of those. Older ones would do for certain tasks, but loading multiple synths, audio processing etc, id recommend at least air2 or the current budget ipad

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    +1 for an Air 2. Great value second-hand. Bought mine used 2 yrs ago & still going strong. It's worth remembering, that all iPads before & including the iPad 4 are only 32bit, so will not be able to run some of the newer 64bit only apps.
    Here is a list of all 64bit iPads:

    iPad (2018)
    iPad (2017)
    9.7-inch iPad Pro
    10.5-inch iPad Pro
    12.9-inch iPad Pro (2016)
    12.9-inch iPad Pro (2017)
    iPad Air 2
    iPad Air
    iPad mini 4
    iPad mini 3
    iPad mini 2

  • The iPad 9.7" 2018's just came out this year. They are priced to fight off other tablets in education so they compete in that market.

    The 32GB Model for $329 (US) is a great tablet but 32GB can be consumed easily by a power user. I paid for the upgraded 128GB version at $429 and went crazy buying Apps. It's full after 4 months. I should have gone with the 10.5" Pro and 256GB but that's $799.

    So, compare the refurbs or used to these new models. The new Pros will be 2-3 times the price but great for reading sheet music and drawing with the $99 pencil. The pencil works on 2018 iPads too.

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