Somewhat OT: Need a simple MIDI reader for .mid files

I’m a fiddle player who relies a lot on ear training in tandem with sheet music (because of the nature of traditional music - I read fine but the audio is handy).

I downloaded Sweet MIDI but was disappointed to find out that the last quarter of every imported .mid file is locked behind a paywall. I wanted to make sure there weren’t better recommendations out there before plunging - maybe something that has an adjustable BPM or simply better sound fonts. Thanks!


  • sequencism by Rodrigo Roman

    You can open multi track midi files after importing, and play them back with the built in sounds, your own .sf2 Files, or any AU stuff you might have.
    I can’t recommend this app any more strongly. It is free and totally awesome.
    The dev is pretty boss as well.

  • BS-16i will import them and you can use whatever sound font you like. Plenty of freebies on the net.

    Unfortunately no way of changing tempo as far as I can make out.

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