What I feel is missing from Pro Audio on the iPad...

Hi all, I don't usually write here but I've been kinda creatively frustrated recently. I have an endless amount of technology which requires an endless amount of setup unless I want to just work in 1 or 2 apps.


I use a lot of apps that use drum kits. All the apps can use sliced up single drum hits or loops. Great but you have to store that data either in EACH app or in dropbox. I don't want to use dropbox because it makes you pay for more space and it copies everywhere else I use it. I have 64GB might as well use that. I have audioshare. That's good but apps can't "look into" it. I'd like a place on the ipad that I can store ALL my loops, drum kits and all my pro audio presets and synth patches. I kinda wish this for audiobus or a sister app from the devs.

It would make sense that not only audiobus has presets (coming soon) but that audiobus would be able to open "songs". So when I have a song made with beatmaker2, live FX and cubasis it would open the song files for each of those when they launched.

I'd also like my song data saved into this area and have it accessable by web upload/download like beatmaker2 does for sample uploads rather than stupid itunes.

I know my requests might take programming/intervention by apple but it has been years now and it seems this would be obvious. I don't blame devs since I know it's not easy to build with iOS limitations.


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