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Ripplemaker "-ki Explorations" Preset Bank v1 (free)

In the last months i already patched about 15 Ripplemaker presets, but during my development of the "-ki Techniques" preset bank i developed so many presets that i decided to release these as standalone bank.

During the planned Ripplemaker Audiobus Sound Fest i will most likely develop more presets.



Download the bank directly and choose to open in Ripplemaker. After importing, you will get a message to quit/restart ripplemaker.

The version 1 preset bank contains 40 presets that will show up in a "-ki Explorations" folder inside Ripplemaker IAA and AU.


Have fun playing or modifying the presets :)


  • @_ki thank you very much!

  • Most excellent @_ki :p
    These are little gems

  • @_ki Is it OK for me to demo this pack and link it back here for downloading?

  • _ki_ki
    edited September 2018

    And using my StreamByter script you can setup and play all the presets in polyphony B)


    I did not yet test it, but Ripplemaker supports midi CC for several of its knobs - and the script should forward these CCs to all instances, allowing polyphonic fiddling :)

    The only drawback of this virtual ‚Poly-Ripplemaker‘ synth is preset switching since the synth has to support program change for this to work. One has to manually select the new preset in all instances .

  • _ki_ki
    edited September 2018

    @thesoundtestroom said:
    @_ki Is it OK for me to demo this pack and link it back here for downloading?

    Thanks for the offer, I'd be delighted. BTW my pseudonym should simply be pronounced like „key“ not as „minus kay ie“


    A little bit more complicated, but perhaps you could do another video for setting up a virtual Ripplemaker poly synth with 5 instances using the streambyter source i posted and do some cool parameter fiddling with real knobs matching the Ripplemaker CCs send to all of them :)

  • Brill. Thanks very much

  • Yep, many thanks!

    And a video about this streambyter script would be great too :)

  • Thanks! Awesome sounding and quite instructional.

  • I’m trying to use this pack, but can’t open in Ripplemaker. What am I doing wrong?

  • @ccwilsoN said:
    I’m trying to use this pack, but can’t open in Ripplemaker. What am I doing wrong?

    download the .zip file with Safari in iCloud Drive, share it without extracting it and you should see the "copy to Ripplemaker" option. Once Ripplemaker is open, it must be restarted.
    Then you have to load the presets in the “Load” folder in the upper right corner, not in the one to the left of the GUI.

  • Missed this, I have been using Ripplemaker a lot recently. Thanks for sharing!

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