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apeMatrix audio input

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I‘m new to apeMatrix and I‘ve been trying to get audio input into the matrix. I want to plug my guitar into my interface and use that as an input. Can this be done in apeMatrix or do I need to take a detour through AB/AUM

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  • well, that's tough for the app to handle - is the guitar AU ? does it receive parameters ? ;)
    Add an amp simulation or effects app into the matrix and you'll hear your guitar.
    You may modulate the guitar app's parameters then.

  • This depends on the used Audio-Interface.
    apeMatrix can NOT select individual Hardware-Inputs like AUM.
    So without more information about your used hardware one can only speculate.

    Is "aufioninput" a misspelling or some kind of hardware/shortcut I don't know?

  • I wanted to do the same, a simple audio input in apematrix and then process the signal, but it seems it is not possible directly. But good idea about inserting an app inside apematrix, this might work. Will try this out next time.

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    It’s very easy to use apeMatrix with audio input, at least with basic audio interface.

    Just route RCA plugs icon to speaker icon to hear dry signal, like on first screenshot. Or use some effects like on second screenshot where RCA plugs icon go to Filterstation2 which go to eos2 which go to speaker.

  • Thank you so much, works like a charm now :)

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    @dniede24 said:
    Thank you so much, works like a charm now :)

    You’re welcome!! :) What is nice with apeMatrix when using audio input for your instrument is that you can do several routings and enable/disable some effects quickly in one and only view. It’s even possible to trigger AU on/off buttons by midi with a pedalboard.

  • thanks @Janosax, didn't see that input icon.

  • Too cool. I was just wondering about this the other day. So I assume this will only work for 1 Stereo Channel of Audio In correct?

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