Ableton Link V3 Start/Stop

Why haven’t apps updated to this? I’ve really been enjoying iBassist with AB3 and all of Lumbeats awesome drum apps and wondered thisbis awesome! Why are all the other apps not updating? Is Ableton too difficult to code into the app?

How about BM3 or Cubasis? I’m really enjoying both but Cubasis will not sync up with iBassist even in IAA mode why?

I think onc they all do, it’ll be perfect!


  • It may be a ‘pride thing’.... a major company as Yamaha (Steinberg/Cubase...Cubasis) implementing an Ableton creation.. A company that brought us VST tech... etc..

    I guess that’s just how the world spins...

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    I will be looking into adding support for Ableton Link Start / Stop in the Xequence Audiobus update, due in a few weeks time. If that's any help :)

  • For a second I had high hopes of triggering iBassist and RDM inside BM3 while BM3 is hosted as IAA inside Cubasis, but it’s a no go for now. I saw a video of another forum user that was able to trigger BM3 inside Cubasis and it actually does work and in sync as well but alas, not while BM3 has iBassist or RDM loaded.

  • I am having trouble with SoftDrummer Start/ seems to be waiting four beats after the start command is received before it actually starts. At least when using with Grouo the Loop.

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    Link synced stuff starts on the next .... some point up to about 4 bars hence I think
    All to do with quantum flux or phase capacitors or something

    For a better explanation

    Has the proper technical explanation ( though it’s all voodoo to me)

    A handy app if you have a spare iphone laying about is

    As you can get a visual clue as to when the next start times are (press just before)

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