A few of my iOS creations...

These are mostly 'Hit record in Aum/ApeM and see what happens' type things, but I'm really happy with how my workflow is evolving here, enjoy!!


  • There's some really great sounds in this collection of tracks. The image per track is also a nice touch.

  • Wow, would love to see the nuts n bolts on several of these. Very cool!

  • EarthDigital, Revweerb and DrinkDrankDrunk sound really nice for an on-the-fly-instamix :+1:

  • Thanks guys!! Most of these use Patterning and P2 - I like to send midi out of Patterning and send it through RozScaler, or use it to drive a seq in StepPolyArp. Lots of doubling of synths going on... Question - what are peoples favorite midi delay effects? I'd love to do 'delayed doubling' of melodies...

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