VCVRack Ambiance "Even & Odd"

Not IOS music but almost from IOS music come... or will arrive...

I take a try to VCVRack and I share with this little ambiance song I made. Thanx for listenning.



  • That's really nice!

    I wonder why no one has come up with something similar to VCVRack, but on iOS? Likely because the platform is too closed... And when you think about it... host apps like AB3 AUM and in particular apeMatrix... pretty much function very close to the VCVRack container for other's modules.

  • @skiphunt Thank you for listenning !

    I know Audulus 3 ? No ?

  • @shoutn95 said:
    @skiphunt Thank you for listenning !

    I know Audulus 3 ? No ?

    True. But I never could quite get the grip on Audulus 3. I made more progress with VCVRack... but I should likely revisit Audulus 3 with fresh eyes and see if I can figure it out. I kept it just for using other's creations and fx, but never not very far with making my own.

  • @shoutn95
    All inside VCV?
    Been integrating it lately with Reaper, Sunvox, Virtual Ans and Pixitracker with sequences sketched with ChordFlow on my iPad. Nothing good came out, to be honest, but the experiments were pretty cool! :lol:

  • me too, When I was used with audulus 3 I juggled with third party modules and primary nodes. Also not gone very far with It. An update will come with auv3... I will check that!
    VcvRack is cool mostly free !

  • @senhorlampada
    Yes everything under VCV, except that I've made a little down-scretching as post effect. Very interesting effect somehow... :*

  • Another VCV medidative track... " Shui (Water) " No post effect in here. :*

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  • Awesome new track @shoutn95
    And thanks for the heads up, @Dawdles

  • @senhorlampada Thank you, I am trying VCV these days. Also pretty cool. I like the sounds.

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