Song Of The Month Club - August 2018



  • @crouchie said:
    @richardyot said:

    Thank you for the listen and feedback!

    I’ve been too busy lately and didn’t get to everyone’s tracks. I’ll try in the next couple of days to comment.

  • @obijohn said:
    @FunkMachine Nice lighthearted feel you got going on there. I listen to a lot of electronic music and the whole subgenre thing has gotten out of control! I’ve pretty much given up trying to find the exact genre my pieces fit into. I’m at the point where if it’s not clearly obvious which genre fits just call it Eclectic House and move on lol. As for the track itself, I like it, good overall choices. I’m finding that it’s not too hard to get some decent sounds out of the Gadgets (I’m new to Gadget myself, still feeling my way around) and you’ve done a good job getting sounds that fit well together in the piece. One suggestion is to play around with different bass patches tweaking until you get what you want. The bass is the only part that sounds to my ears like the patch isn’t quite meshing, but that’s just my opinion, it may be exactly what you were going for which is perfectly fine. Good work on the track, keep churning them out!

    Thank you very much for your comment (and sorry about the late response). I do enjoy trying different styles and Gadget surely does allow for some venturing into them. And I appreciate your point on the bass which I’ve since discovered why that may not fit in a house genre (or at least whatever I put together haha). Thanks again for your words and encouragement.

  • @crouchie said:

    @DBecker said:
    I have been working on this song since the early 90's. I originally wrote the lyrics to be used as a slam poem, which ran a full 3 minutes and managed to win a couple of local contests. Fast forward to 2018 and I'm experimenting with AudioKit Synth One, FM Player, and Beatmaker 3. Then, while walking the dog late one night, I realized I had lyrics to this experimental sound I created. So I heavily edited the lyrics to fit the track, and after many attempts to get it all right I came up with Life Is Hell. Not sure if it will ever be right, but I had a lot of fun.

    Well done, you’re right the poem fits well and I like the distorted delivery. I’m not quite so taken by the backing, it feels it just needs some thing to make it ‘pop’ a little more. Not quite sure how to express it, but there is a lot of drama in the lyric but the backing seems to plod a little, and maybe it needs more ebb and flow to complement the spoken words? Just a thought. Well done though, enjoyed it!

    Have to agree with Mr @crouchie

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