Does Minimoog Model D feedback his presets values to a midi controller ?


I'm able to "echo" values from each presets to a midi controller on Model 15, but only with the IAA version...I tried but failed to do so with the AUv3 version...Maybe I'im doing something wrong with AUM...

Does anybody know if it's also the case for this, exclusively, magnificent Model D ? :)

Thanks !


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    Ok, had an answer from Geert Bevin at Moog...

    _Hi Nicolas,

    Thanks for your report, but as far as we know this is not possible with AUv3.

    They are either Synth, FX or MIDI plugins. Model 15 is a synth plugin, meaning that it's intended to generate audio and that is what hosts are capturing. To our knowledge it is not possible for a plugin to send both audio and MIDI.

    Hope this helps._

    So seems the only solution is the host (AUM here) should feedback the values that have been assigned to it with midilearn.
    But more than that, the assigned controller will have to also get/ask the actual value of this parameter.

    Sorry for this tagging, but I'd like to really understand from people that have a real clue about this...
    @j_liljedahl @brambos @Michael @Sebastian

    First, does Audiobus 3.1 could do this already ? I mean, this bi-directional thing, getting the values of presets from a synth, then sending these values to an external controller ? (only what have been mapped to it of course)

    So, in AUv3, this has to be handled by the host, there's no other way at all from an AUv3 to send what he's "doing" ?
    I'm not sure of this as AUv3 versions of some synth still respond to their original values defined in their midi implementation...For example, Troublemaker responds to CC 7 = volume, in IAA or AUv3... (and all cc's in fact...I've defined whats in the manual, that works right away as AUv3...Nothing to configure "more")

    I'm just speechless to see such thing not included in Apple AUv3 "protocol" I mean, it's a synth app, it has audio, it has midi, audio is connected to midi, then midi can be, mostly connected to a midi controller...Midi controller should see what values are set. What's so crazy in my demand ?...Is it just because that's not an important feature ?

    What is the point to get an iPad with A15X processor to get 10 Model 15 running, and not reading correct values on a midi controller but only on 1 screen that can't show the 10 plugins at the same time ?
    Also there will always be only 16 midi tracks,, so what's the point ?

  • I’m on vacation, so you’ll have to excuse my short answer for now. In theory it seems possible, as long as both the host and the plugin support AU MIDI (of the aumu flavor, rather than the aumi) and when there is an agreed/documented mapping of AU Patameters onto MIDI CC numbers and value ranges.

    Any AU Parameters and AU data which can not be translated into simple CC vales will be lost (i.e. Freeform fields, sequencer data, fields which require a higher or different resolution than 0-127 integers, etc.).

    In practice it seems there are so many limitations and conditions at play that it’s quite impractical to define a standard behavior for something like this.


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    Totally excused with a short answer that I can understand...have a nice Holliday’s, thanks, “see you” in September 😎

  • This is another reason I use IAA.

    I have set MIDI CC and don't like fiddling set up each time.

    As for AUM, I have not had luck with Turnado in setting up a saved CC/parameter/controller config.

    However, it may be my particular app or controller.

    Otherwise, I don't live in the AU world as of yet.

    1 app of each instance and the variety of apps available with my devices still allow for multi synths, seq, fx and a drum machine with IAA work just fine for me.

    So to answer your question it is not as plug in and go for AU as it has come to reveal itself to me.

    You may have more luck with a project type scenario in a DAW type app that the project has saved connections.

    But, this is just a guess.

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    @RUST( i )K it should save everything correctly with AUM, cc’s assignation done in Turnado or any AUv3 assignation.
    A good thing with the iconnectivity 4+ is that the usb host is saving the assignation of the USB ports and devices connected.
    But it should be the same with any usb hub (connected to a soundcard), so that should be saved and perfectly working on loading a preset. 😊

    The daw/template project is indeed the most doable solution, that’s what I do, but I wanted to avoid also listing/sending the exact parameters of each sound...but I’ll do like that for now...I think SreamByter will help a bit achieving this...
    IAA or AUv3 doesn’t matter in that regard I think, a good synth still a good synth no matter the technology behind.

    IAA for having bi-directional cc’s (on some synths...)answers better than AUv3 synth based to that problem.

    Didn’t test program changes with AUv3 into Model 15...Hmm...need to check that...😅

  • An AUv3 can be both a synth or fx and send MIDI at the same time. In AUM you could then route that MIDI output to whatever you like. For this to be useful, it means you would be mapping MIDI cc's etc directly in the plugin, not going through the AU parameter MIDI mapping as made available by AUM.

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