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UNO Synth FULL Engine ACCESS with MIDI on iPad │MIDI Designer PRO 2 - haQ attaQ 293

Get full access to the IKM UNO Synth synthesizer engine by using an iPad! IKM states that a UNO synth editor will be available for PC and Mac, however no word about an iOS version ... so I made an editor myself using MIDI Designer PRO 2. This way hidden features in UNO can now be accessed like a SWING setting for the Sequencer, LFO modulation for Oscillator 1 & 2. There's even full ADSR envelopes available for both the Amp and Filter etc. I'm going through the whole thing in this video!




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    @jakoB_haQ - First off - THANK YOU for making this awesome controller for UNO Synth. Tempted to drop the $25 on MidiDesigner Pro 2 just for that. Your editor is absolutely beautiful and is likely surpass whatever IK comes up with in terms of U.I. and accessibility to all of those CC parameters (really liked the 100 preset grid too for skipping around).

    The one thing that gives me pause is that I thought IK had confirmed that an editor was coming for both desktop and iOS in August. I was thumbing through the GearSlutz thread and on page 12, Peter from IK responded directly to my question about the editor:

    Yes, the ETA on the editor is still August. I am told the editor will have the ability to send presets to and from the UNO Synth hardware.

    IK has a pretty strong foothold in iOS, so it would not be at all surprising to see them develop an editor there. But I couldn't find anywhere he explicitly said there was an iOS editor arriving next month. I was pretty excited about the news regarding saving a library of patches, however.

    UPDATE: Yep, I bought this. You could see where that was going. But it also led to a discovery, which is that the Yamaha MD-BT01 Bluetooth MIDI adapter actually works with the UNO. That makes it a heck of lot more convenient to use the iPad as a control surface, especially if you aren't at home by an interface. Awesome!

  • Thanks. Jakob. Enjoy your holiday!

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    Yes, we will be releasing an editor for iOS

    Edit - but I have to see this is REALLY nicely done and I'm glad to see that you did this. Amazing as always.

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    Good to see Midi Designer Pro getting some love. Great looking layout too.

  • @ikmultimedia said:
    Yes, we will be releasing an editor for iOS

    Edit - but I have to see this is REALLY nicely done and I'm glad to see that you did this. Amazing as always.

    Awesome, thanks for clearing that up! I think a lot of people will appreciate the editor, and will be surprised how useful a few of the additional features are (PWM, controls over Dive and Scoop, for example). I would love if one of the editors allows for patch sharing, but if not, at least we can save our own patches.

    Jakob's editor is pretty awesome and it's amazing to have some of the editing choices laid out like a button panel, as opposed to a bunch of options you cycle through with the up/down arrows. And of course there's X/Y grids for cutoff/resonance, and the types of customization these touchscreen MIDI controllers really excel at.

  • @jakoB_haQ There are 20 parameters you can change for each step of the sequencer. Maybe you might make it easier editing them within the next editor?

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