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Working with audio files or midi - what's your preference?

I was just wondering if you guys prefer to work with audio or midi files? What are the pros and cons of both? I feel like more people recommend working with audio files, which I can't fully understand, but maybe I just don't know all the features :) What you think?


  • use both, what i say is at some point if you wanna finish a project, turning all your tracks into audio files usually helps with finalising the mix.

  • MIDI when writing, audio when mixing.

  • I'm no expert here but in Cubasis I can only hear 1 or 2 of my favorite AUv3 synths before I get crackling. So, I convert them audio by freezing those tracks and keep creating. So, I stick with MIDI for as long as I can (and freezing the track archives the midi so it's not really lost to me... I can delete the paired audio and tweak that MIDI original or replace it).

    I guess my input is sometimes audio tracks allow you to do more MIDI work and it's not a final decision to use them.

    Some of my Apps misbehave as IAA or even AUv3 and I just use AUM or AB3 and route them into Cubasis as audio tracks to get the sound I want faster.

    In the end (for me) it's going to be a audio product and I'm not agonizing over the perfect mix. Just trying to capture a creative experience for my own gratification and maybe a few trusted friends that have expressed an interest in following my progress in this medium.

  • I had a similar dilemma when I took my stuff out of Gadget via macOS Gadget into Logic Pro X.

    In the end I took the content out as audio, per track, and treated it as someone else’s audio. I tried using the Gadget gadgets as AUs in LPX, and a] they actually sounded different (quite likely because of insert effects I used in Gadget which weren’t carried over effectively into LPX) and b] it tempted me to continue tweaking the synthesis, and worse, the composition and arrangement in midi. That’s not allowed – the deadline for that had finished.

  • I too will use midi for as long as I can because I can tweak without having to always freeze or convert to audio. But when I'm getting closer to the final cut, I'll usually create audio so I can mix and add effects. Most times I'll add FX last, after the audio is created.

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