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Auria on the bus



  • I'm using an iPad 2 running iOS 5.1 and it is not working as smoothly as it appears to be for other folk. Animoog -> Auria stutters and crackles. Sunrizer will work for simple patches, but doesn't do as well on more complx ones. And Wavegenerator doesn't want to play at all.

  • Try airplane mode if you haven't already and close all other apps.

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    Airplane mode initially appeared to work for Orphion audio...but then I discovered even though I was hearing it...Auria wasn't recording it. More Testing >

  • Just played around a bit with Auria and Audiobus, and so far it rocks! Haven't really taxed it yet, but was smooth running funkbox, animoog, and sunrizer together (on an iPad 4). Very cool. Also could not get PPG Wavegenerator to work at all. App launches, but makes no sound, and hitting the Auria record button on the audiobus menu doesn't change to red. Otherwise, big fun!

  • For some unknown reason adding Auria as output cuts audio to other apps. I've tried Thumbjam, Sunriser, and Animoog, all the same. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • mgmg4871 im having the same problem with Auria need help also thanks

  • I can't get it to work. No sound.

  • I've reinstalled Auria, still no sound.

  • mgmg4871 go here and download the user guide, it tells you how to open the input matrix and get sound to record. Hope this helps it helped me to get sound.

  • Yesocs nailed it here. It's the input matrix you want to pay attention to. Long press on the record button to select it from a list. Then you'll see audibus and an option to route to tracks. Again, though just like yesocs said, the manual is your friend.

  • Working great for me on an ipad 3. Used funkbox, ims20 and sunrizer just now. Congrats to all involved. Already want a button on the AB panel for 'create, route and arm a new track'. :) Greedy bastard! Loopy has really spoiled me in that regard so blame Michael, not me.

  • @yesocs, thanks a lot. Got it working with your help. Much appreciated.

  • need video evidence please ;-) lol

  • A more entertaining video will be me at work today after 3 hours sleep.

  • Yeah, I'd watch that too. lol

  • Tried Orphion and iElectribe, both worked fine on iPad test loop is begining to sound a little busy :)

  • I can get sound working now, but I can't get any proper workflow going without clicks and pops. This is on an ipad 3 with no other apps running. I'm thinking Auria + Audiobus is a bit ahead of its time. iPad 6 can't come soon enough.

  • Auria and Audiobus is a no brainer.

    You are literally pushing the ipad to the limit with all the possibilities they both bring to the table.

    I had the following all working together...on ipad 3.

    Beatmaker 2 as midi controller
    Sunrizer or animoog controlled by BM2 recording in
    DM1 recorded into track 1 and recording into another track
    Auria with 2 x Pro Q running

    All with no issues. I added another pro Q and things started stuttering.

    More than enough scope to do what I need so far.

    Layering and freezing seems to be the key, mixing down the stems into a new project then releases all the memory & CPU used by the fx & channel strips but you keep the sound.

    I am already saving for ipad 5 though.

    Good times indeed...

  • Make sure your in 32 bit mode

  • anyone successfully run Auria as an input into Live FX (Effects Slot)? nothing happens on my end. no levels in Live FX and no sound output whatsoever. I'm able to playback the audio from Auria using the AB control panel but im not able to use Live FX to alter Auria's sound.

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    @hypoetical Really sorry if this seems totally obvious, but have you selected speaker output as the output in Audiobus?

    Also, I have barely explored Auria yet. Are there any good tutorial videos that users here would recommend?

  • @Michael_R_Grant , I'm not a seasoned daw user and I found it to be manageable. I did read through the manual a few times. It gets you familiar with the interface (which can be a little intimidating at first).

    In the spirit of full disclosure, I did have Auria crash on my iPad 2 a couple of times while i was playing with all the awesomeness (strangely it wasn't with Samplr or Animoog but JamUp both times - and only JamUp as an effect for my guitar), but overall my experience was very positive on an iPad 2 (compared to what I was expecting I guess). It's definitely going to get me by until I can get an iPad 4. I was just so pleased Samplr worked really.

  • For anyone having issues with Auria and Audiobus clicking, we've seen this happen on iOS 5.x. If you're on iOS 5.x and having issues, we recommend upgrading to 6.x.

  • Just tested Orphion with its in built sounds into auria via ab -works fine on my Ipad4.

  • @Michael_R_Grant no worries, wish it were that easy really. :) still no luck.

  • @hypoetical

    Try setting it up so you only have 2 tracks...

    Track 1 with your audio track playing (line out)
    Track 2 (line in) armed

    Input matrix to track 2 only
    Output matrix to master output only

    Set up track 1 to output to subgroup 1 and you should hear the signal going from live fx into track 2 only, track 1 should be silent at this point.

    It works for me let me know if it works for you.

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    @DaveMagoo awesome thanks for the insight. subgroups pretty much solved my problem. so what i did was route all my audio tracks to Sub1 and then in the INPUT Audiobus slot, chose Sub1 by tapping the blue arrow. in Auria's mixer i then brought the Master level down to isolate the audio tracks i wanted.

    not sure how intuitive that is considering i'm still wrapping my head around how all it works together but hey, it's a start.

    now i just have to figure out how to get it all back into Auria for some resampling/live fx goodness. thanks again.

  • any info about grain science and auria through AB....on my iPad don't work...

  • I would like to route a track from Auria through an effect in the Audiobus effect slot as well and record back into Auria.
    i read the manual and all threads carefully but i can't get it to work.i can use auria only in the Input slot OR the output
    slot but not both together.When i open the second slot (after i put auria in one other slot before)the symbol had a kind of grey overlay (sorry don't know to describe it better in english)and i can't select it.

    I routed the desired track to SUB 1 and activate SUB 1 in the output matrix.i'm able to select SUB 1 in audiobus (via blue arrow)when i put auria into the input slot first and i'm able to route aurias input to a desired track when i put auria first into the Output slot.But not both together.

    Recording from another app works without any problems.

  • @Sinapsaya it is known to not work at the moment. the audiobus devs are contacting the grain science and auria guys about it.

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