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Whoa... CYNC web app, unquantized circular beat visualization - video by Aimee Nolte


  • thanks for posting, app is great for creating groove templates.... you've probably seen this slynk video on the subject, but what I think is interesting is that it looks like slynk isn't changing anything but the hats timing and math, leaving all of the other elements rigid on the grid and still it's superfunkwonky...

  • WOW, this CYNC web app is really a good find! Thanks for sharing; i'm loving it.

  • Ohhhhhhhhh jeeez....
    I'm in love :p

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    Maybe if we ask him he might make an IOS free version hehe!
    make about 1000 midi files ...I sent him an email ......

  • not running right on my safari, are you guys running on safari or something else?

  • HOPE that this ends up on IOS - The first thing I want to do is drive Midi out to piano, the web app with no midi output is SO disappointing.

  • It‘s no new concept of course (tons of this stuff in Reaktor and some others) but yep....on iOS not really.
    Or couldn‘t Patterning do this too?

  • apparently the app prefers chrome.

    yep, patterning is sooooooo good for this kind of thing

  • @Cib said:
    It‘s no new concept of course (tons of this stuff in Reaktor and some others) but yep....on iOS not really.
    Or couldn‘t Patterning do this too?

    Another option, even though it's not visualized by a circle is to use either of @brambos 's rhythm sequencers (XOX or Rhythm), turn off Loop Sync option, and make each track a unique length. Rhythm does the even space thing, but XOX allows you to have more free-form groupings of beats. So you can have a 5 beat rhythm like xoxoo, or xxooo, or xoxox. By turning off grid sync you're essentially getting the "circle effect"

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    I thought about Patterning and posted that in the replies to Aimee's video, however Patterning is fixed to a defined beat for each circle (at least P1 is, which is what I have). This app seems to be undefined and lets each circle be independent of one another, syncing up periodically. Actually it is pretty neat just to watch the circles syncing up, it is kind of like watching the windshield wiper sync up with a turn signal indicator light when they are slightly out of time. is the direct link to the web app. I agree it would be awesome as an IOS app!

  • Patterning and Ton both do something similar, but I don't think you can turn off the quantization on those app. This one is entirely unquantized, apparently.

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