You know you might have too many apps when...

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You check into AF not only to see what’s new but to see what apps you plum forgot about .


  • Audiobus is in your taskbar.

  • When you think you see a 'new' app and realise it's already installed on the device...

  • @Max23 said:
    Audiobus is in your taskbar.

    My taskbar is shameful then :p

  • You want to find one and know it's got green in the icon and you flip past 20-30 green icons and stop... realizing you have already forgot the name of the App you wanted to find. All you've got is... green. OK. Maybe that's just me: early on-set Alzheimers? You'd tell me if this is universal, right?

  • when you start writing bug reports & realize you crashed because the beta expired.

  • When you think that you need a new synth and forgot that you already have 102 that are unused

  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Your 128gb ipad is almost full, forcing you to reluctantly archive your biggest least used apps (so that you can buy more).

  • When you uninstalled 75% of your app collection and start to realize you never used or needed them anyway.

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