Wow! A 15-year-old made a Synth App with AudioKit. Here's the story of how he did it..

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Modulin is a fun Synth app built with AudioKit. That’s cool already.

But, did you know that developer Grant Emerson made this app before he was old enough to drive?

How did he do it?

He shares his story of the making of Modulin with you now…


  • Kool Kid!

  • Great to see a 15 year old firing on all cylinders and motivated. Also great to see the dream of the AudioKit designers coming to life - their code being used as a springboard for very cool apps. Congrats to you all.

  • Well done :-) iam more a sampling producer bestmaker but will buy this to give this dude my support -

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    Amazing, right? It's spectacular that a 15-year-old these days even knows that much about synthesizers. Let alone, knows how to create a synth app. He's got a 25-year head start on me :D

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