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Fieldscaper Tutorial

This turned out a bit longer than I intended, but hopefully of some use to others.


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  • awesome! I don't know how to use this app very well at all, so this will prove most useful!

  • thanks for the effort @MarkH and to you to Igor (the developer). This is an amazing app and when i get my VPN working again (i live in china) i'll eagerly be watching this.

  • Brilliant thanks Mark. I know Fieldscaper is right up my street (literally!), but although it promises greatness, every time i fire it up I am completely baffled! Hopefully this will help.....thanks again......... :)

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    @MarkH said:
    This turned out a bit longer than I intended, but hopefully of some use to others.

    Hi Mark!
    Happy to see a new tutorial from you!
    I’ve really enjoyed your tutorial for StepPolyArp, you was the one who sold me this amazing app! 👍

    I will take time to watch your new video in the evening and I’m quite sure I will learn something new from you! Hui, almost 90 minutes... 😎

    Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences with us!

  • This is helpful, would love to see a tutorial on sound scraper, I bought it thinking it would be simple to figure out, and maybe it is, but I can't really get it to work in practical ways lol

  • Thank you very much, Mark, for this great journey into Fieldscaper. I learned a lot!

  • I love that you have taken the time to do this! Thank you so much. I’m half way through and will finish it tomorrow. I have already learned a lot.

    Fav quote: “some of this is a little bit hard to understand as it modifies a modifier to a modified thing, if you know what I mean”

    You’re a star! :smiley:

  • @MarkH , thank you for this, watched it last night, and your SPA video. Nice technique, very clear and informative.

  • @MarkH you just sold this app to me. Thanks for great video

  • Yes, thanks!!!!!

  • Thanks all for the nice feedback. I will probably do another video about starting from the built-in presets and tweaking as a way of understanding what's going on. It's clear that a lot of thought has gone into the presets - it's very easy to generate horrible noises, but a bit harder to get something coherent :)

    BTW, this image from Soundscaper sheds some light on the 'address' functions. It shows that SS models an actual sound processor chip with a megabyte of memory. This makes the numbers in Fieldscaper more logical: you need 20 bits (address lines) to address one megabyte and if it uses 8-bit audio sampling it will fill a megabyte with a sample rate of about 11.6kHz. Hence I'm pretty convinced the Fieldscaper 'address' functions just add a different front end to this same emulation. I don't think I will be able to resist buying Soundscaper too!

  • Thanks again for the tutorial Mark. Very much appreciated! Your style made me feel like i had a very patient, & more knowledgable friend, gently guiding me towards a deeper understanding of something quite difficult to grasp. I am only half way through, but am psyching myself up for part two.
    I have Soundscaper as well, & although, again, i don't really understand what i am doing, i have managed to wrestle some useable (read: not just a terrible racket!! ) sounds out of it.

    You should definitely get Soundscaper, I think you would really enjoy it............still pretty baffling, but slightly more accessible + if you do get it you can explain to the rest of us what the hell is going on!!!!!! :)

  • Thank you very much for this very useful tutorial because nothing is obvious with this app!

  • Currently on sale, go get it :)

  • @MarkH your 75" SoundScaper tut is a masterpiece. Plz post the promised SC morph mode tutorial and the FieldScaper Looper tutorial.

  • @mojozart said:
    @MarkH your 75" SoundScaper tut is a masterpiece. Plz post the promised SC morph mode tutorial and the FieldScaper Looper tutorial.

    Thanks, I'll think about those two now you reminded me! Funnily enough I was just today thinking about doing another tutorial. That's for a non-scaper app - I won't say which one in case I don't do it :)

  • More Fieldscaper nerdiness...

  • @MarkH said:
    More Fieldscaper nerdiness...

    Good work.

    Your videos have got me to go back and re-examine FieldScaper and have a lot more useful fun with it. Thank you!

  • Brilliant! I really enjoy your style of presentation where one looks over your shoulder, so to speak, watching you think. Makes this app much less intimidating.

  • What say you on fieldscaper?

    Dont have a mic. Not sure if id record loads of my own voice.

    I guess it could be good with voices from say old movies.

    Lets say I decided to make a glitch tune with a different sample every few beats. What can this achieve that all effects I have through either koala or even maybe eg's new sampler. Samples could end up in zones in Drambo sampler and a microkey air 61.

    Fieldscaper might not add much to 1 shot samples, with all effects on ios, pitch, delay, distortions, granular etc.

    Maybe just to create something different out of long audio?

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