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Does IK Multimedia charge twice for Universal apps?

Just bought IRig recorder for iPad but it wants to charge me again on iPhone ?


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    On your phone (I don't think you'll be charged again) to be sure:

    1. go to "App Store"
    2. click apps along the bottom
    3. click on the circle with the head (your account details)
    4. click on Purchased
    5. Click My Purchases
    6. Look for iRig in the scrollable list (should be on the top)
    7. Hit the Cloud icon to download it

    If this fails contact IK Multimedia support... they are fast. They have have you do something on your account there.

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    Different apps - so if you want the phone one you will have to pay again.

    The phone apps were out before the iPad was even.a thing. Then they and a lot of other devs released new apps for iPad- usually called App HD or App pro or some such.

    Most companies subsequently made one or both apps universal. I don’t think IKM did.
    But it explains apps like FLSM which is in the AppStore with the description THis is not the FL Studio Mobile you want.....

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    Try the free LE version and then go into the Store in the App and select "Load In-app purchases"

    Let us know if they installed across both devices without extra charges.
    There are other Recorders that work with their audio interface. Let us know if you'd like to look into them. I can understand if you're used to their product that you might want to stick with it. They aggregate purchases and provide discounts on more purchases but they will
    get a lot of your money overtime.

  • It’s also worth registering your apps. As sometimes effects are unlocked across them eg you can use the slash effects in the main amplitude app.

  • I do think you have to register devices as one of their users. Then purchases can be extended to that additional device. I think SampleTank or iGrand behaved that way for me
    when I got a new iphone. Some dev's based everything on the iTunes ID but I think IK Multimedia bases it on their records for IAP's.

  • Thanks guys.. @McDtracy , I followed your instructions but I don’t see my recent purchase . I just contacted IKMM so we’ll see what happens here .

  • Try installing the free LE product and once installed see if restore purchases gets you there. You may have to register the iphone with their website and then be able to re-load purchases. Or they may want to charge per device... I hope that not the case. The App store doesn't make it clear. Does it have to state Universal to get IAP's for both devices?

  • Keep this around until we get an answer from IK Multimedia. With the name in the title they should reply. Is the recorder competitive with other recording apps? How many apps have recorders (IAP) in them like ToneStack?

  • I think when I got SampleTank for both iPad and iPhone I wasn’t charged twice.. Again, thanks for your help and quick response ...

  • Again... I think they want you to register the app per device installed. Have you done that?

  • I believe that the support request has been replied to, but to clarify here since there seems to be some confusion: iRig Recorder 3 is universal, so there are no separate iPhone/iPad versions. All purchases are linked to your Apple ID and not your IK account. However, IK account registration will unlock the free stuff for iRigs or any users in almost all of our apps so it is recommended you register in the app too.

  • It's great to have resolution on the question. I use "search" to resolve a lot of problems so this is good to document here.

  • @McDtracy : Ok, I just got an email from IK..
    The iapp’s are linked to Apple and apply to both but the actual Vocalive app is NOT! You will be charged twice if you attempt to download it both on iPad and iPhone .

  • IK Multimedia more than any other App vendor is responsible for my use of IOS devices. I really like "iLectric Piano" which is iPad only. At various times I have thought it was bad but I think I had some pretty bad controllers... with a good controller it is a really responsive and nuanced E-Piano App. Better than Neo Soul for my tastes. It could also be my current headphones... :)

  • Lest we not forget Sampletank..

  • Sorry , is there a way I can delete this thread? Because I meant “Vocalive”, NOT “irig recorder “..

  • Sorry for the confusion

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