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Turnado/IOS export presets ok, but how to import them after that ???

edited July 2018 in App Tips and Tricks

Hi !
I could activate the iCloud sync for my presets, then download them, but then, I'd like to import these presets to an other iPad with Turnado also installed.
But there's no import options...
I also connected the iPad to iTune, but there's nothing in the shared folder for Turnado.

I was hopping to see the same structure folder saved with iCloud :
Turnado/Global Presets/User

But no luck...

I tried to upload the files directly to see if they could find their way "magically" into the user folder of the App, but no luck...
I also thought that the iCloud folder would be sync "both ways" (me adding the presets into iCloud, then updated...) but still no luck :(

Is there a way to (re)import presets previously saved to Turnado ?

Any help will be greatly appreciated :)


  • @crony figured it out. Did a little quicktip video. Will post as soon as its finished.

  • @gmslayton THANKS ! :)
    Silly me, I was looking on iCloud online, not thru the local browser on the ipad !! I was looking on settings, not file browser, and I just discovered the "Explorer" tab thanks to you !!! :D
    You can make it faster, in my case, not using AudioShare, but by directly using sharing with AirDrop from iPad 1 , to iPad 2 , and move it directly to the user presets of the other instance of Turnado...And voilà ! :)

    Really cool video well explained that helped me a lot to figure this out ! :)

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