Haven't got a new ios music app since September 2017. What?!

Hi all,

Regular forum reader here, but haven't posted in a while. And yes, the last ios music app I purchased was Zeeon last fall! Have tried to concentrate on figuring out the apps and software I already have (and save some money in the process :D ). When I use my ipad for music creation, I find myself gravitating more to Garageband than to anything else. I like its inherent limitations, in combination with its nonetheless excellent-sounding instruments, especially the Alchemy synth. Overall I spend the majority of my time making music in a desktop environment, but I do however like to sketch out ideas on the ipad, and sometimes even create full pieces on it as a way of taking a break from my usual music routine.

Anyway, rambling introduction aside, I've just finished a new album of mine of all computer and ipad produced music, and would like to share it here. Two of the twelve tracks on the album were completely made (except for mastering) on my ipad air 2. The following piece was created by using just three instances of Alchemy in Garageband.

The other piece from the album I'd like to share here was made using all desktop vsts, except for the conga part, which was produced using Luis Martinez's AfroLatin DM app.

As I mentioned above, one other piece on the album was also all ios-made, but I'll leave its discovery to those who are interested in listening to the rest of the album. (Actually with the excellent music-making capabilities of modern ipads, it might be difficult to distinguish it from its more-expensively-made brethren). Thanks for your time. Any comments and constructive criticism will be very much appreciated.

The entire album can be listened to on Bandcamp here: https://justinallanarnold.bandcamp.com/album/ojal-album

or on Youtube here:


  • I thought these would be great and they are @Kirth_Gersen_ !
    Got me remembering the two Carlos'... Castenada and Santana.
    Is that an iOS trumpet in Dancer? Been searching for a good one. Would have brought the piano up in Dancer. Love that Latin riffing! Super. Will listen to the rest when I can sit and concentrate. Yeah, Luis Martinez. Now I want Afro Latin!

  • SM1 should be your next synth :smile:

  • This focus is really good. And the results speak for themselves. Great songs. So great it doesn't matter how it was made. I was just enjoying the album :smile:

  • @LinearLineman
    Thanks for listening and the nice comment! The "trumpet" in Bailarina/Dancer is actually the (desktop plugin) Sample Modeling's The Trombone. That confirms that I still have a lot to learn concerning mixing and sound placement ha ha! You can't go wrong with any of Luis Martinez's rhythm apps. They're all great. The only one I don't have yet is the Brazilian one.

    SynthMaster One is definitely a temptation I've been fighting to resist ha ha!

    I'm glad you enjoyed listening! Thanks for taking the time, and also for your encouraging comment.

  • @Kirth_Gersen_ said:
    SynthMaster One is definitely a temptation I've been fighting to resist ha ha!

    And also your last synth (SM1) :smile:

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