Circuit workflow

Iam trying to use my circuit as a midi controller, works really nice, but anyone has any ideas what to do with the 4 drum pads, iam thinking of mapping them to drummachine either ruismaker or vatanator, but there are only 4 different sounds (if i want to use the drum sequencer track from circuit) any ideas of other apps to use ?


  • Another idea would be to run it trough scaler, and use it as a mono bassline sequencer

  • I was playing my Circuit 5 min ago. Warning about the drums and Ruismaker, you are going to need some app to translate the notes to ones Ruismaker accepts. That’s one extra step I don’t usually want to do. Circuit is C,D,E,F in I forget which octave. Makes it hard to use without a drum app with midi note learn. I’m sure you can find a way, but I just use synth 1&2 for MIDI sequencing. If I use the drum channel it’s for the built in sounds.

    You might be able to do some fancy remapping of the sample flip CCs and cause all of those to translate to MIDI notes. Something like If Note E and CC48 than output note C3 on channel 10 etc. Then repeat for all sample flip CCs. I would think it’s possible but I’d never want to configure all of that.

  • Yeah i noticed that one, what i did is running it trough midiflow to remap those keys and also split the notes and cc so they come from 2 different sources, helps solving some issues wit auv3 and aum

  • Iam going to try a velocity filter today that would doubble the 4 drums to eight in a way, i will loose controllers but i think i can find a nice middle ground

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