Guess the (D&B) record label

Hi guys. Quick post cause it’s waaay last bed time.
I’ve made a new practice track in Cubasis and if anyone can guess the record label I’m trying to emulate I’ll be really chuffed :)
It’s only my second a attempt at a track so please remember when critiquing ;)
For anyone not into drum & bass it’s meant to be very dissonant, with elements not quite where they’re meant to be for now overall unsettling but atmospheric feel. Hope it comes across.

You Know Us - EDB

(Uploaded at 1080 but it’s defaulting to 360 shrug)

The eq and levels etc are rough as balls/pretty much zero so apologies for that.
Still learning and love Cubasis but can’t see the spectrums etc so doing it by ear is a tough one for me atm.
An example of where I’m stuck are things like volume which I’m doing by eye and most channel combos don’t hit red but put them all together and I get red, then can’t fond the combos that are causing itAs usual any tips and advice much appreciated.

I think this tune has been a big improvement over my first effort technically (a slightly cleaned version linked below) and from here I’m going to practice eqing different sound combos in a new project as that seems to be where I’m most stuck atm.

big thanks to anyone for listening/feeding back and take it easy.

Tenderless - EDB Remix


  • IsoIso
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    Well I'm not going to try & guess the record label (!), but i can definitely hear a nod to Goldie circa Inner City Life era...........both really great tacks....really enjoyed them both.........i listened to both on headphones & monitors & both tracks sounded equally good on's all there really , bass sounds well defined, great overall mix....really very good you want it sound eq wise is up to you, i would maybe take a bit of top end fizz off the hats, but honestly i loved both tracks.........More Please!!!!!!!!!!!! Get it pressed onto vinyl & get them played out! :)

    EDIT: Just listened again on the H/Phones & eq is spot on on Tenderless..........maybe something a bit toppy on You Know Us, dunno if it's the hats or not. A good mastering engineer could probably sort that out if you were going to get it onto disc..........reverb sounds just right on everything as well......WOW! Really very good indeed........

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    That classic jungle sound makes me want to guess Metalheadz, but it doesn’t sound dark enough... On the other hand, I haven’t really heard anything from that label in a long time, so I’m not even certain what kind of d&b they’re releasing these days. Hospital Records, maybe? I mostly follow the more techstep /neuro/crossbreed-leaning d&b labels though, so I might be out of my league here. Anyway, solid track.

  • Hrmmm...reminds me of Source Direct and Photek...nicely done...def Metalheadz vibe too...

  • Nice tracks yes.

  • Well I woke up to some amazing feedback!
    Everyone got it right with Metalheadz and @Iso there with the Goldie callbacks.
    I’m floored you all think they’re so good :) :)
    P.s. there was a touch of darkness missing but I couldn’t find the right sound just yet.

    Re eq, I totally agree re hats being too harsh. Gonna work on a workflow for better levels. Pretty happy I got it rightish just by ear :#

    Thanks a lot for the feedback guys, I’m pretty floored <3

  • IsoIso
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    @EDB said:

    Re eq, I totally agree re hats being too harsh. Gonna work on a workflow for better levels. Pretty happy I got it rightish just by ear :#

    I was nit-picking about the eq really.......i was clutching at straws trying to find something that could be improved. I wouldn't tear your hair out over the minutiae of the really does sound very good already, the choices that you have now are artistic ones .......which after all, is the fun bit. See if you can find somewhere to play your tracks over a sound system............that would reveal any flaws (if there are any!!!!) Working on new tracks would be more productive than agonizing over tiny details in the mix. Honestly, if someone turned up with this on vinyl & put it on , i wouldn't be sitting here pulling the eq apart, i would just be enjoying it.
    Chuffed i got the Goldie thing right........was a bit worried i might have made an idiot of myself, & got it completely wrong!
    Make more tracks while the creative juices are flowing.......i look forward very much to hearing them :) is a great free place to upload your tracks to, completely free, but also very cheap if you wanted the pro deal..........

  • It reminded me of beachdrifta by rufige cru - Metalheadz

  • @BugsyATX said:
    It reminded me of beachdrifta by rufige cru - Metalheadz

    I’m v honoured :)

    @Iso nitpick away, I was being very nit-picky and had to stop, say enough’s enough and just post it for feedback.
    I had a quick look at hearthis, looks really good. I’m especially interested in the 320kb mp3 conversion. Having a hard time on iPad converting to that and some places I want to send to only take 320.
    Thanks again to you and everyone, really been a great confidence boost to carry on/“not doing it wrong”.


  • Great tracks @EDB some of the best dnb Ive heard produced with an iPad.

  • Yes, absolutely. On spot! Drums wonderfully made, amtos right on, the bass amazing (how is this made? Which app did you use for the gritty neuroish bass, wonderful) and the vocals fit perfectly! Thanks for sharing! This is professional Niveau !!!

  • @1nsomniak and @david_2017 Amazing guys, thanks!
    Im really floored by everone’s comments and you’ve all inspired me to crack on with more.
    Big thanks to you all! <3

  • Used to be a heavy dnb listener. I really liked those. Thanks

  • Thanks @Redo1 :) v much appreciated

    @david_2017 the solo synth in the vocal track is Poison-202 > Bank B > Deep Bass 2.
    The synths in the other, instrumental track are dozens of mangled and mixed loopmaster samples. I’d love to make everything from scratch but i ain’t got time (or knowledge) for that!

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