Turntable to Ipad connection

I think it may sound stupid, but is it possible to connect a turntable (Technics SL1200 Mk2) to an Ipad with the Roland Duo Capture EX, or do you need a preamp?


  • Preamp is needed

  • Thanks, that was a quick answer.

  • you'll need a preamp in any case for a turntable pickup is a very impedance critical part.
    Fortunately those preamps (that also correct the modified frequency response of the vinyl cut) are not very expensive - to achieve reasonable results. I used a Project Phonobox once, which was only slightly below a NAD Preamp.
    You could spend a tremendous amount of cash in such gear ... ;)

  • If you have a DJ mixer, you could just run the turntable through that and use the line out to feed the iPad.

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