DRIVEN by DISASTER/Ravenscroft meets iFretless Brass

This is an improvised piece using Cubasis' editing tools to strengthen the piano, trumpet and bass lines. This would have been nearly impossible due to the nine minute length to get a track improvised in one go. Of course, onstage you do your best, but the energy performing live is quite different as many of you know.

Piano is RC275, my custom patch, louder and ballsier than the presets. The Ravenscroft came in third in the piano poll ( I, to my horror, voted against it in the semi final!) still, it is my first choice for a great sounding, very playable instrument. The piano line is similar to those promulgated by Lennie Tristano, Connie Crothers and Kazzrie Jansen.

Trumpet solo and polyphonic section, iFretless Brass. I was a little disappointed after downloading this app because of the lack of immediacy in the sounds. They seem a bit distant as you can hear in the unaltered track. A great iOS trumpet may be the hardest to find. Open to any suggestions. Don't care for the trumpet in Heavy Brass, Thumbjam or MP2. I Frettless is the best to my ears so far.

Cubasis Micrologue E picked bass and Luis Martinez Soft Drummer completed the mix. Feedback and comments always welcome.


  • @LinearLineman what about iSymphonic Cupra? Some decent sounding trumpets to my ears (though I don’t have your experience)

  • @mjcouche I will look again. I don't recall it being played in the short demos. Is it more up front sounding? As I said, the I
    Fret less horns are kind of distant sounding. Thanks.

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    Thanks @dawdles. I appreciate it very much. Yeah, I heard the dominance of the kick too (although it helped to keep me in sync with the beat!). I was using song mode in Lumbeats soft drummer, and this does not give access to a mixer or the ability to change the drum sounds. So I was kind of stuck. Are you thinking of submitting to the Australia thread? I saw your interest.

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  • @Dawdles gotcha. Did you see the piano poll result? The Salamander won incredibly against Colossus and Ravenscroft and the other top contenders. A free sound font with 15 velocity layers no less. Unbelievable, really. And from what I have heard others say, well deserved. Snatch it up if you don't have a fave piano.

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  • @LinearLineman if you check out the Cupra demo within the iSymphonic app, or the crudebyte website, there are some trumpet demos. I wish they demo’d it for longer instead of all the different timpanis. I get what you mean about iFretless. I felt an immediate disappointment as well.

  • Thanks, I will check Cupra out @mjcouche. Kontakt for iOS! Maybe one day.

  • @LinearLineman

    Just listened to this and commented to it in a different thread. Didn't realize you had already posted it here. Anyway, really like it. Great work. Keep sharing your music.

  • Thanks, @Kirth_Gersen_ . Your support is much appreciated. Yeah, I posted it on the piano poll thread as an homage to the RC275 losing out for best piano. Wasn't it amazing and great that Salamander, a free piano won? What a great surprise!

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    Yeah, nice to see Salamander won. That’s the one I use when it comes to piano. 😝

  • Fantastic performance on the iFretless! I am truly imoressed. Bravissimo!

  • Thanks so much, @theconnactic. Glad it worked for you in such a good way. Now if I could only play a cheap strat and sing!

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