OUT NOW: Oliver Imseng - Flying over Bern // Release on Choon.co

Hi dear fellow Audiobus'ers

Long time no hear, I still actively browse and read the forum regularly. Although I must say with my newest projects I have currently focused more on the classical DAWs and production approaches.

I wanted to let you know I have released my newest track on www.choon.co
Choon is a new crypto based music platform based on smart contracts on blockchain wich rewards artists and listeners (i.e. with the possibility to create own playlists) with tokens/crypto currency for their efforts.
As an artist I get a royalty statement on the blockchain every 24 hours, directly without loosing any of my royalties to intermediates like Labels or publishers.

Go check it out, it's a revolution ongoing.

Anyhow, I'd love to see some feedback to the track, maybe a couple of you will listen to it. I hope they do, always loved this place.
In any kind of way, thanks for your attention. If you like what you hear spread the word. Streaming is free.


Thanks for your time and support


  • Pretty darn good, Oliver. Do you think something like this can be achieved on iOS? If not, what is missing at present in the iOS format? Thanks or the music.

  • @LinearLineman said:
    Pretty darn good, Oliver. Do you think something like this can be achieved on iOS? If not, what is missing at present in the iOS format? Thanks or the music.

    Hi there,
    Yeah I do think so. If you go look for my old release "triangles" on itunes or spotify. I did that one solely with Korg Gadget. The way Cubasis develops at the moment you could create something like this on iOS. Needs a bit more work as the workflow for making stuff like this is not quite fast.

    I think whats missing is a fairly good drum sampler as an AUv3 that would make thinks a bit easier.
    You could always go Korg Gadget but there you would need to know how to layer sounds. As Korg is basically just 2-3 big normal synths broken down into all those gadgets.

  • Hi .Oliver. Thanks for responding. I've been a jazz pianist for fifty years. Discovered iOS pretty much by accident, but have become firmly entrenched in it. Just at it a few months. I have Gadget but pretty much use more acoustic stuff with Cubasis.
    For drums I use Luis Martinez' drum apps. It is far from the professional level work you do, but I think the energy comes across and that's what I am looking to accomplish. There are glaring production flaws I know (the kick is way too loud in the piece below, Soft Drummer doesn't have a mixer in song mode), but it is still creatively satisfying as an improviser. Hope you like it from a jazz perspective as much as I appreciated your piece from its awesome soundscape. Best, Mike

  • Admittedly not the kind of music I would listen to on a regular basis, but I can certainly commend the excellent production values. Also interesting to hear about Choon. Never had come across it before.

    ( @LinearLineman
    Being a long-time jazz lover, I really enjoyed your piece. Love the slow horn melody over the nervous, driven accompaniment.)

  • @LinearLineman thank you, replied to you via PM.
    @Kirth_Gersen_ thank youo for the kind words.

    Choon is a new crypto based platform. An artists signs a Smart Contract directly with Choon for releasing his material. The contract is stored on the Blockchain. Each day royalties are paid out in the form of note tokens. These note tokens equal to a certain amount of Ethereum, which you then can withdraw from your crypto wallet that supports it.

    Choon cuts out all the intermediates that earn money of your music without really doing anything for it.
    Let's say I release my track on itunes for 1.50USD, Apple takes 2 thirds from that, so that leaves 50 cents for me, well no, then there is the deal you made with the record company. Usually giving you something around 30-60% depending on what you agreed on with them. SO lets say you get 60% that leaves you with 30 cents per sale.

    And as today everybody streams (Spotify etc.) its even less per stream. More of like 0.04 cents for 1 Spotify Stream.

    This you dont have with Choon. Its transparent, fair and honest and daily.

  • hi, @o_imseng. Thanks for your PM reply. I think the forum should know about chin. Would you post what you wrote about it here? Or I can copy and post it as coming from you? It really sounds like a good deal compared to what musicians face out there?

  • Go ahead, the information is all on Choon.Co and in their terms and conditions.
    There is a white paper somewhere on the web presence that explains things a bit more thoroughly.
    There is a waiting list for artists to sign up though.

  • Thanks, @o_imseng . Have you seen the questions brought up about ethereum on the CHOON post?

  • Yup did reply there.

  • I do think you have stirred up some interest.

  • That's in the nature of Choon. I give them credit for a new approach to music publishing.

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