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Configuring MIDIFlow for non-0 Bank Select/Presets with iSymphonic

I just bought the MIDIflow and all IAP’s to solve a problem.

I would like to use my MIDI controller keyboard to Select Presets in Non-0 Banks in iSymphonic.

I have it working for Bank 0 where the "Bank Select" command(s) are not required.

How to I configure MIDIFlow to send out the Bank Select Triple (or Double) command pairs:

CC 000 nnn (Bank Select MSB – Most Significant Byte)
CC 032 nnn (Bank Select LSB – Least Significant Byte) *** sometimes optional
Prog Change nnn (MIDI Program Change message 0~127)

Help appreciated. Otherwise, I’ll need to keep looking for a tool to solve my problem.


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    Do you know what midi your current controller is sending out for Bank change?

    I just used StreamByter for a similar scenario.

    Although it may take a few tweaks and changes to the code.

    Midiflow can probably do the task too, but will know better with the above info.

  • What I'm trying to do is map a controller knob (CC10 or 11 or 12 or ,,,, CC18) to select the
    Right Preset. It's working when I just need to send a Program Change. I just can't figure out
    how to get MIDIflow to send

    CC00 = (Bank Select MSB)
    CC32 = 0 and THEN the
    Program Change

    I just had a thought. I'm going to try trying a knob to each of the three
    commands and see if that works. Hopefully the App will allow sometime between the events. I've emailed the midiflow guy. If this doesn't work I'm buyin' midifire. It looks more like a programmers tool with a scripting capability.

  • That didn't get me anywhere. I can see the commands going out... but with knobs it's tricky to only get one copy and I need the CC32 to be set to 0. When I set MSB to 1 it puts the 1 in the LSB, I think. Weird. Hopefully, the midiflow dev's will help me out.

    I'm going to move on to midifire and see if I can get control of these commands. Looking through the Forum I can see that different Apps expect the Bank Select and the Presets in different slots of the two or three command sequence :smile:

    CC00 = (Bank Select MSB)
    CC32 = 0 (sometimes optional and sometimes carries the Preset #
    Program Change = Preset #

    Thanks god for MidiWrench. It just works... I wish they added features to drive their other Apps like iSymphonic and Collossus Piano for communicating with other vendors what works.

    NOTE: iSymphonic has this feature that allows you to restore a group of Presets across 16 MIDI channels and invoked it remotely with a PC CC0 CC 32 message trio. It doesn't actually work either. Sent it the configured "extra" PC, MSB, LSB trio and nothing changes.

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    Can highly recommend MidiFire.

    StreamByter app is by the same developer. Midifire has the StreamByter module and much more.

    So are you needing this CC knob just to flick through patches in the current bank? I.e, if you could likely set up another button to select bank first, then use the CC to select patch within it?

    Almost positive StreamByter/Midifire will eat this for lunch.

  • I'm using an older M-Audio Oxygen 8. It has 8 knobs but no buttons.
    I could use a note event for the button function I guess.

    It's just being used to create events and is not the end goal. I want to create
    Filters that make Apps send the right commands to iSymphonic starting with
    Xequence. Xequence has Bank Select on their road map. So, they might get it right and beat me but it appears there is no standard for Bank Select/Program Changes so which one might they pick. I currently want iSymphonic to patch load for the best sound.

    I bought Pro Midi beause it has Bank Select in the GUI but it looks like they implemented the 3 command sequence incorrectly and have the CC0 the PC and then the CC32 command.

    The Midifire folks document that they will provide the script to make their tool work for you
    and they have a Forum for questions so I can see it's probably the right tool to debug interoperability issues.

  • Interesting challenge. Until now I've only used MidiFlow for the simple, straightforward CC/Note/Velocity conversions, as I did everything else in Lemur.
    MidiFire is more cryptic but no doubt more powerful, and the developer offers exemplary support. He already helped me in a rather tricky case, and you can definitely delay messages in MidiFire.
    As far as I can see, in MidiFlow, you'll be stuck at the point that there doesn't seem to be a message delay module.

  • Nic, the MidiFire creator, is super helpful and provides great help. He provided a couple of scripts when I got started to translate my Launchkey mini's up/down arrows to program change. I was able to use that to also do bank change from another key button.

    Streambyter is pretty straightforward if you read the doc and look at some examples.

  • @McDtracy @McD did you find a solution? Also trying to select presets in iSymphonic without having to send three messages at once if possible.

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