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Future Music Magazine / Issue 332 Free to Read (UK Amazon Prime Members)

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Hi everyone,

The July issue of Future Music is free to borrow as part of Amazon UK's Prime Reading program:

Current selection of magazines:

Happy reading :)


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    @richie I appreciate the heads up man but I think only those living in the UK can take advantage.

    If US Amazon users try to view the issue it just takes you to the full subscription purchase option.
    I'm in Las Vegas, NV and tried changing my country/region with this method:

    It worked in changing my account region but I guess since you read it off the Kindle app if IT'S the American app you're fucked. I presume there's a work around to get onto the UK Google Play store to download the UK Kindle app but I've gone down the rabbit hole as far as I'm going to...

    I know shipping, currency exchanges and other logistical headaches makes region coding a necessity for actual tangible goods but the strings around digital content is horseshit. The net makes us a global village and I really don't think it'd be that Herculean an effort to make digital purchases global...yeah, I know content restrictions, etc. but come on...

    Dude just wanted to dig on a Future Music issue...I remember in the late 90's/early 2000's I'd sometimes get Future Music import issues at Tower Records, along with the other British recording magazine Sound on Sound, they always had these CD's that came with each issue full of free samples, product demos, new music, etc. Good times.

  • Drats! I've edited my post to reflect your findings @JRSIV ~ thanks for the heads up. Yes, those were good times indeed... I still have the CDs from early issues of FM. All the best...

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