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Thor MIDI Learn?



  • Connected my mpk225 to ipad mini and thor wont play a key, when i press keys on the screen all is ok. What can it be, please?
    Ps mpk225 is working fine elswhere

  • I often have to detach/reattach my hardware for Thor to detect it. Or sometimes, go into the settings, disable all MIDI, then reenable it.

  • @Dwarman sorry for the late reply. I'm just rereading this thread. Mpk mini doesn't have profiles, just the 4 midi channels. Either way I rather get an extra controller rather that keep changing channels. Too many times I find myself on the wrong channel.

  • I wonder if we'll ever see Thor responding to PC. If they implement that I may even see myself switching from Sunrizer to Thor as the later seems as light on the resources as the former.

  • Thor is such a powerful synth app, I just don't understand why they don't update with new features like midi learn a better library management , just to name a few.

  • Yes, I'd be using Thor a lot more if it was an IAA instrument and had midi learn.

  • @firejan82 said:

    Yes, I'd be using Thor a lot more if it was an IAA instrument and had midi learn.

    They're supposed to be fixed but having problems here on ios 8. Great thing is it receives start stop messages from my Beatstep so i'm using this to record sequences into Audio Share, about the only way it works but is it possible to map the step sequencer pitch knobs anyone?

  • I also like this Synth but its not going to work for me to use it live cause when you switch patches live, there is a bad transition noise from whatever patch your using. It may be the delay effects. Will try to disable that. But for sure this doesn't happen with Z3TA.
    I'm using the M-Audio Air Mini 32.. Still trying to figure out how to configure it with Thor.

  • @firejan82 said:

    Yes, I'd be using Thor a lot more if it was an IAA instrument and had midi learn.

    It does appear on the IAA list in bm2 as far as I remember.

  • Anybody have any luck changing Oscillator type (ccs: 24/94/52) with a midi controller?

    I can change the filter type (76/89/57) successfully but no luck with the Osc Type.

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