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VOLT synth as audio unit in AUM, how to save preset?

Just made a song in AUM with Volt synth but I can't find a way to save my preset with volt so I can use the sound again later. Is there a way to do this? Thanks.


  • You can save a user preset for the plugin inside AUM (for using it later in AUM), tap the preset button in the plugin window titlebar, and then the "+" button.

    For saving presets that can be used in other hosts, each plugin must implement their own preset management system, using "app groups" to store presets in a shared folder, etc. It's a mess.

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    Ok thanks, gonna try that. But the presets are only for AUM use. They can't be opened in auria. For some weird reasons, VOLT synth for example doesn't allow me to save an internal preset when opened in AUM.

    Ah, I found it for VOLT. Thanks for your help. It's too bad we can't do it in direct mode. It screwed the volume balance I had in AUM :(

  • I’m having a lot of trouble with loading an apeMatrix preset that has 3 instances of Volt AUFX. Two of the three load, but not the third. Of the two that do load, when you open the Volt interface for either, it’s blank.

    The App Store says it’s an “auv3 extension”. The word extension is a little different. Also, trying to remove any of the three instances crashes apeMatrix. I must be thinking something incorrectly.

  • Yeah I'm getting some similar issues with Volt, not sure if anything has changed since last update, but more than one instance causes cpu spiking etc ipad pro 2017

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    Well, actually I think VOLT is bugged. Even with a direct link to Auria, it doesn't allow Bounce. Every other synth does it but not VOLT. I will contact the developer.

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