PSA: Don't update to iOS 12.4 if you use apps in AB output slot or IAA apps that use the mic.

OT: Blue light filter (physical or night shift replacement) that "works" for older iPads?

I use night shift on the iPad pro at about 75% which helps a lot late at night. Pretty jarring though when I add the old iPad 4 to the mix and the blue light is so harsh in comparison. Things I've tried to fix this:

Sideloading an old F.lux - started asking for a developer account (seems it only works with 99 yearly developer account, the free account no longer works)

Sideloading Goodnight - same thing about developer account

Jailbroke it with H3lix just for flux. Semi-untethered jailbreak and the h3lix app sometimes won't open to unjailbreak again from iPad. I'm not always around laptop for this.

☝️ any current way to do this and keep it working for more than days via sideload/jailbreak? Old ways seem to not work.

Figured I'd just put a physical blue light blocker on there so it's less hassle. Look at selections on Amazon and most look clear (mainly glare guards) and some say, "for ladies" and "9 hour sleep" marketing rubbish. :o Asked questions and the replies were to the effect that they don't block much blue light despite what the possibly fake reviews say. Does anyone have a suggestion for a physical filter that works blocking blue light on iPad 4? Even contemplated putting a camera gel sheet with binder clips holding it on it, but that's not gonna work.


  • Brown-lensed sunglasses.

  • Have some orange ones, but then it makes it hard to see my hardware late at night. Guess my eyes are a bit special.

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    Yeah, blublockers are the best. They're great for night-driving too. Really sharpen the vision.

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