Jamup Pro XT Update

Update for Jamup Pro XT. Looks like some good stuff.


  • It's so much better now. wow. I'm getting some excellent sounds. :-))

  • Mmmmm 5 phasers in series,great stuff.

  • Just got my airturn system.
    You can control everything with your feet ... Sampler is now a real looper.

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    What? THe thing for turning ebook pages? How the heck does that work?

    EDIT: Nevermind, I see what's going on. Cool. :-)

  • OHHHHHhhhh! Just found out i can use my bluetooth keyboard to do this too! NICE! @syrupcore check it out man. So far just the arrow keys work. But still pretty awesome.

  • @ryan Now I'm intrigued! Control Jamup using a bluetooth keyboard?

    ah, I just found it, under the little blue and green airturn icon on the bottom left of the jamup screen.

    Also, while looking around I saw this list of midi commands which is an even better find personally!

  • @Hmtx That's funny, I found those first as well. I don't know if those options were there before or not.. but yeah you are right, totally good info to know. :-)

  • You guys are not planning stamping on your keyboard, right? :)
    This is a great upgrade. Stereo processing and better delay and reverb effects should be the next.
    I bought Echo Pad yesterday and was very disappointed. I own Audio Damage Dubstation. It is a great tape delay. Wish Positive Grid could provide a delay like that in future.

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    @logictree it has stereo processing right now dude :-)

    EDIT: At second glance you might be right.. I could've swarn they said it'd be in stereo this time. I saw the option to "mix" left and right channels but thats not stereo. lol my bad i guess.

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