I don't understand this, but I dig it! - Turbo Killer

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  • That's pretty cheesy, but I kinda dig it too. ;)

    Looks like it's a music video that's supposed to function as a movie trailer that the creators would like to make as a Kickstarter project. Interesting approach.

  • Hmmm - I liked it as a music video. Not sure I'd care so much for a full-length version of this.

    Overall I was pleasantly surprised tho.

  • Carpenter Brut is awesome!
    BTW... he partenered up again with Seth Ickerman / Raphael Hernandez again for Blood Machines aka. Turbo Killer 2... a 30min movie


  • The buddy of mine who turned me onto this mentioned that as well.

    I love this sort of thing - very Kung Fury/Turbo Kid. Anything with synthwave & sci-fi I'm pretty much down with.

  • looks like the kind of trash I like :)

  • Gotta love a bit of synthwave

  • they also made this film, it's pretty good too

    Kaydara Official Movie

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