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Can Rozeta control Sector’s memory slots?

Or any other Aum based app?
I’m wanting to sit in aum and have something pre programmed telling Sector when to swap to which memory row and number.


  • Yes. Look in the sector midi config to sort out the notes you need to send. Make a rozeta sequence of those notes and then route that rozeta sequencer to sector via AUM's MIDI Route screen.

    If Sector wants CCs (can't recall), you'll need to use Perforator instead. Or maybe LFOs with square waves and very slow clock division would work.

  • Thanks @syrupcore, off to have a bash
    thumbs up

  • @syrupcore sry should have asked, which rozeta au unit’d be suitable?
    I’m learning it all from scratch and still don’t know what will and won’t run what so apologies if it’s comes across as daft :#

  • I think Cells is the best combo of power and ease of use for this but any of the ones that allow you to assign notes will work. XOX and Bassline should do it.

  • Was just coming to say I’m getting it a bit more now.
    E.g. I can set Bassline to hit a keyboard key that matches the target midi key in Sector

    Cheers man

  • So something like this becomes a noob’s best friend?

  • @EDB said:
    So something like this becomes a noob’s best friend?

    Keep in mind that the octave numbering is a bit non-standard. Your chart goes -2 to 8. I believe AUM uses -1 to 9. I have a chart printed out that goes 0 to 10. Just know which your app uses, and do a mental shift if needed.

    If you are just dealing with midi note numbers like 60 or 48, it doesn’t really matter. But if you get notes labeled as C4 or C3, it can get confusing.

  • Thx @CracklePot that would have tripped me up.
    I’d read about midi note mapping but forgot the key parts, I’m on a crash course :#

  • I give in and can’t get anything to match up, if some wouldn’t mind taking a look.

    Here’s what MidiWrench says rozeta bassline is sending out in aum

    The default settings in Sector are:

    And defaults in bassline are:

    Bassline works fine sending to Zeeon. Sector works fine listening to my external keyboard. Just can’t seem to find a combo of channel/note settings that gets Sector to listen to anything Rozeta.

    Help me, Obi-wan...before I kill the younglings... :'(

    edited June 2018

    P.s. I know the numbers aren’t set to trigger in the pics, just showing the defaults.
    When I match the numbers up they still don’t work

  • Is Sector loaded into an AUM slot? If not, is background audio turned on in Sector?

    Is baseline routed to Sector in AUM's MIDI Routing window?

    Try shifting the base note up and down by octaves to see if you're getting a "no, this is note 60" difference mentioned above. Can do that in the Bassline settings screen.

    Those defaults that you see on the settings screen in Bassline are the notes to use to control pattern changes within bassline. Not the default notes it sends.

  • Thanks for resetting my test cases @syrupcore that’s got it fixed and I can laugh at how silly I was being.

    Aum shows two ports for Sector, a virtual and the @channel. Rozeta needs to run to the virtual.
    Rozeta also needs its base note setting to +2 octaves.

    Thanks bro and others. All solved :*

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