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AUM + Rozeta - Sequencing a Novation Circuit

By electronic sounds audio.

I love sequencing circuit via Rozeta...


  • Just came to post this. A perfect breakdown of the steps.

    Also, a brilliant (to me anyway) gem I'd never considered: mapping the same hardware knob to the mutate knobs on multiple XOX channels. That way you can turn the one knob and get mutation happening on multiple channels at once for things like fills. Or use Perforator to turn it up on a bunch of channels at once every, say, 32 steps.

    He adjusts the scale for each MIDI input in the video but all to just about the same (so 127 on the hardware == ~50% on the mutate knobs). I'm looking forward to giving this a go but adjusting the scale differently for each mutation knob. With that, turning the hardware control up to 127, for example, adjusts the kick a little (low scale) and the hats a lot (high scale). As soon as I'm finished I will long for AUM channel presets again though! Spoiled modern brat.

  • Modulating the mutate with LFO or x/y is neat too... there are some handy tips here for sure!

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