Novation Launchpad Pro ... Beautiful Condition From Non-Smoking Studio $200

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Ready to Delight your fingers is this Novation LaunchPad Pro, and what is so wonderful about a Launchpad Pro you might ask?
Not only does it work with everything from desktops to MacBooks to iPads to iPhones... it has usb and midi din so it can work with our hardware synths and other equipment without the need for a computer as a go-between-....
L...(o...v...e)...l...y !!!

$200 + shipp to wherever you are from Los Angeles.... PM me!


  • Nice price including shipping. Love mine!

  • I wonder which would make a better controller for fL 20 this or the Maschine?

  • You can sequence and 8x8 grid light show from it too!! I was trying this on iOS, but couldn’t find a good sequencer that I could just type in velocity with a keyboard as exact velocity number gives the color and most of these iOS sequencers don’t let you just type in a number. I know SunVox can if you do it on a desktop and import it to iOS, but I didn’t want to do that.

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