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Lemur Template for Animoog - Updated: DL link available

edited December 2013 in Creations

So I was inspired by @hmtx over on this thread to get to work on a Lemur Template for Animoog I'd been planning for a minute. As of yet it gives you quick access to all of Animoog's midi mappable functions (and some xy pads with physics enabled). I plan to do a little more with this. I'd really like to get a step sequencer and a view breakpoint editors involved.

Here are the screens

and a short video with no speaking and starts ridiculously

Here is the download link: Animoog Lemur Template



  • Those Lemur physics automations are amazing. Nice work!

  • @uglykidmoe That laundry video is tight yo. Deserves more then 23 views.

    What's lemur? I noticed some other animoog lemur templates when viewing your vid.. Looks interesting.

  • @ryan lemur is an environment intended to build powerful custom midi/OSC controllers. It was once a hardware / software combo previously developed by Jazz Mutant which has now been adopted and ported for iOS by Liine, makers of Griid and some other cool apps.

  • @uglykidmoe I like the sounds of that. I'm going to have to look into this tomorrow. Thanks. I'm surprised you didn't comment on your laundry video, lol. I liked it.

  • Madpad is always fun, we should petition Smule for Audiobus support :D

  • I still don't understand why Smule withdrew their Magic Fiddle app. I know it needed an online server, but I've no idea why they couldn't have taken out that feature and left the instrument available.

  • @uglykidmoe That layout is fantastic, really nice work with everything! It makes Animoog seem much less cluttered and coherent.

    If you wanted to make that available anywhere, I'd love to play around with it...

  • Smule MadPad.

    @ryan Thanks! yeah I was getting exhausted last night looking through lemur scripts to try and enhance the template, so I forgot say thanks for checking it out.

    As for Lemur, it's priced fairly high as far as Apps go (although, when compared to the original hardware version of Lemur, it's like a 95% discount). It's extremely deep and powerful software, but it can be very frustrating for someone not familiar with C/C++ or Javascript because a lot of the more in-depth functions utilize similar-style programming scripts that can get pretty intricate. So be aware of what you may be getting yourself into. There are a great number of free (and premium) templates online, however, so you aren't forced to build one from scratch.

  • @smirky thanks! I will be making it available as soon as I get the step sequencer working how I want. I might end up just snatching one straight from another template. (my patience for scripting is wearing thin. I have so many apps to play with, and such little time.)

  • @uglykidmoe I hear you on the time-consumption aspect. I've tried to avoid playing too much with scripting Lemur for fear of needing to devote all my time to another set of programming skills :)

  • I think this is the dogs. I bought lemur a while ago as I wanted to try to put something together for animoog but gave up up after about a week. Nice lot of free templates from users but really wish there were a few more for iOS apps. I would defiantly like to give it a try out and give you some feedback it looks tremendous.

  • edited January 2013

    Here it is: Animoog Lemur Template

    It includes 2 files: a mappings file for animoog and a .jzml file for lemur. Add them using iTunes file sharing. In lemur, you'll want to touch the Settings tab in the top right corner and select "more settings" then make sure under MIDI Targets that MIDI 0 is set to send to Animoog MIDI IN which can be selected by tapping the "To:" field.

    Please let me know how it works for ya and if you have any ideas how to improve it! I'll be working on it pretty consistently for a few weeks I think. I already want to make some more functional adjustments to the back end of this thing before moving on to adding more pages.

  • edited January 2013

    bump added download link to the original post

  • Cheers for that uglukidmoe, works really well I'm well impressed. Had a play around myself at creating a new template and think this might take over my life for a while. Be very interested to see what improvements you could make, step sequencer would be great on this. Keep up the good work and please post any updates if you can.

    Thanks again

  • thanks for the kind words Ukmadstu. I will certainly post updates and let me know if you have any cool ideas.

  • Is this available anywhere?

  • @sidewaysgrin ooh.. I can repost the link tomorrow. I think I moved my folders around and broke the link above.

  • @uglykidmoe said:

    @sidewaysgrin ooh.. I can repost the link tomorrow. I think I moved my folders around and broke the link above.

    I found this page. But can't download.

  • Yes that isnt actually my template. I've seen that one before and while it contains most if not all the functionality of mine, I like that mine is a bit more condensed. The real reason I created the template was to have more control from as few pages as possible

  • edited December 2013

    Yes please post a working dl-link again.

  • Bump for template. :))

  • Relinked to zip file in original post. I recommend using iFunbox to add the mappings file to the animoog folder on your ipad.


  • edited December 2013

    Great, thanks uglikidmoe for this nice share and work :-)

    Got it working -) cool stuff

  • Thanks very much can't wait to check it out!

  • edited December 2013

    No problem guys. Thanks for the kind words. I haven't touched this thing in a while, still version 1.0 If you have ideas or requests, let me know and I'll see how quick I'm able to update.

  • Thanks for that template uglykidmoe, having fun with it.


  • I grabbed this the other day too, very good stuff, thanks!

  • yes yes.. I agree! Just sneaked in 5 minutes noodling while at work cause I hadn't downloaded this one yet :)

    thanks @uglykidmoe :)

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