BlueTooth Pedal Board

Is there a Bluetooth Pedal board that will do the following?

  1. Turn pages in ForScore
  2. Start/Stop Loops in Loopy HD
  3. Enable "stomp box" effects in ToneStack GO
  4. Send programmable MIDI CC's on a select MIDI channel(s)

Or do I need 2 or 3 devices to check all these boxes?


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    BlueBoard from Ikmultimedia allow for that. But not at the same time I think. No issues for turning pages. For Loopy I use BTLe mode which sends midi notes. I use it also that way for changing presets in VoicerackFx. There is also a CC mode. You choose modes when powering on the board. Perhaps loopy can take CC too I’ve to checked that.

  • I like the looks of the Positive Grid BT4. I’m not sure if they stopped selling it, but the standard foot switches on the BT4 look way better than BlueBoard.

  • I know that looper pedal/switch behavior can be tricky if there’s a lot of latency

  • The iRig BlueBoard app can be used to send Virtual MIDI out to all apps which accept this type of input simultaneously. Looking into these apps, these should all accept Virtual MIDI input. While this means you may be able to control all of these with one iRig BlueBoard. It may be useful to have an iRig BlueTurn and an iRig BlueBoard in this case. The iRig BlueTurn dedicated for page turning.

    If you are looking for any other insight on how to use these products together or you need help getting started with your product. Make sure to contact the IK support team here.

  • Thanks Ryan_IK.

    I've been saying this since ~2005.
    "It looks like I need to buy more IK Multimedia products."

    I just thought there might be alternatives but you just keep pulling me back in.

    Who likes the BlueBoard Pedal buttons for Looping and why?
    Clicking? Silence? Physical feedback for the event timing?

    PS - I'm waiting AirTurn. Any support team?

  • hello @Ryan_IK ,

    Is it possible to connect multiple blueboards to an ios device ? (like in Mode 2, for example?)

  • It is certainly possible to connect multiple iRig BlueBoard units to a single iOS device. The only restriction is connecting multiple to the same app. For example, two units could not to connect to the iRig BlueBoard app at the same time.

    To use multiple iRig BlueBoard units you just need to sync these to different apps. One good example would be using two iRig BlueBoard units for more control in AmpliTube iOS. In this case you would connect one unit to the iRig BlueBoard app, then use another iRig BlueBoard unit directly connected to the AmpliTube app (Using the built-in BlueBoard section in Menu -> Settings).

  • @McDtracy said:
    Thanks Ryan_IK.

    I've been saying this since ~2005.
    "It looks like I need to buy more IK Multimedia products."

    I just thought there might be alternatives but you just keep pulling me back in.

    Who likes the BlueBoard Pedal buttons for Looping and why?
    Clicking? Silence? Physical feedback for the event timing?

    PS - I'm waiting AirTurn. Any support team?

    The lack of tactile feedback (no "click") does bother me at times. In performance I'm sitting when I use my BlueBoard, and have found my foot wants to feel a button and feel it press in. But the BlueBoard is quite versatile, and great with Loopy, etc.

  • BlueBoard works GREAT with forscore. I have it programmed that the outside two pedals are page forward and back, the inside two are score forward and back, helpful with a set list on a reading gig where there’s no breaks between songs.

  • I prefer a silent button on my loopers as long as it bottoms out so I know it got pressed (i.e. feedback).

  • A review of the BlueBoard mentions a lack of physical feedback when looping... It does have lights to indicate status. I'm learning towards the Positive Grid BT2 or maybe the 4.

  • There is delay between pressing the Bluebeard and it turning the effect on or off whichbis too much for me to work with.

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    BlueBoard has a low latency BTLE mode, press B while powering it and you’re in that mode, it’s as fast as any BTLE device. As a saxophonist I can’t even look at my foot and lack or visual or clicky feedback is not such of an issue. I leave my foot just next to the bboard and know its dimensions no need to look. It’s just like playing an instrument eyes closed, just need to learn where keys are.

  • I have an old Digitech Pedal board that outputs MIDI and it has 12 pedals and an expression pedal built-in. I'll connect it via 5-pin MIDI cable to the Korg PlugKey interface and test it out with all my apps. If it works well I'll thing about getting a MIDI-to-Bluetooth adapter.

    Time to cracks the books on using MIDI to send CC's and maybe invest in MIDIflow Apps. So, much to learn and so little time left.

  • Hey Guys,

    It sounds like for some of you the iRig BlueBoard may be the way to go, but for the others out there that are not fond of Bluetooth connections, or need a switch which audibly clicks when making changes. The iRig Stomp I/O may be an ideal solution here. This device will work with any Core MIDI compatible app to send MIDI CC or MID PC messages with a quick and easy set up.

    Check it out here.

  • Love my BlueBoard and it is about low latency as you can get. As others have mentioned, the lack of feedback does take some getting used to since it doesn't "click" when you press it. I've taken to playing in my socks/bare feet so that I can get a sense of where the pedal is and whether I've pressed it.

  • The issue I’ve found with Positive Grid BT4 is that the switches are latching, and only send a signal when you release the button, so it’s almost impossible to use it as a looper.

    How do the switches work with a blueboard. Does it send the midi signal on the first press, or only upon releasing. Can people use it with a looping app effectively? I may try and sell my BT4 for this reason.

    See more here:

  • When using the iRig BlueBoard app, the switches of the iRig BlueBoard will only function as latch style controls. Unfortunately, this cannot be changed using this app. Using the newest firmware on the iRig BlueBoard however, you will be able to use a MIDI over Bluetooth mode for momentary style use. To enter MIDI over Bluetooth 'Mode 2' for momentary controls, power ON your iRig BlueBoard holding the 'C' pedal.

    Check out Page 11 in the user manual at the link below for some extra help here.

    Once in this mode you should be able to connect to any apps which allow MIDI over Bluetooth device connections. For example MIDI Flow will allow for this type of use as well as some extra control over the MIDI messages going into your apps. Check with the Positive Grid team to see if they support MIDI over Bluetooth devices. I cannot seem to find this information.

    Another option could be using the AmpliTube iOS looper section. This includes 4 loops and control via iRig BlueBoard. Do note, the iRig BlueBoard includes some bonus gear for AmpliTube CS. Read more on the included apps with this product at the link below.

    Hope this helps!

  • Or, get Yamaha MDBT01 Bluetooth midi adapters and put them on any pedalboard with power and midi i/o. Then you could have multiple controllers for same app. They work really well, started using them on all kinds of controllers, no issue ever.

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