Midiclock quest

Hie everybodies ,

More I search solutions for sends midiclock from Daw like Cubasis to another apps I want to record in audio tracks, more confused I get. There are plenty off thirds app to handle the midi, so much that witch one I should choose ? Even I am not sure I need an apps just for the midi clock ? I use vst with Ableton and I was never concerned by midi issues but now that I set a new workflow within only an iPad Pro for live performance recording outdoor, I am searching for the most simple solution for sync at least the midi clock from Cubasis to geoshred,thumbjam, Animoog, phonem, LayR and some another app. Just be able to record the audio from these apps to audio tracks in Cubasis but sync to a midi clock, is it possible in simple ways ?


  • I have been on this same quest. Have a look at Expert Sleepers Usamo. It works by using an audio signal from your DAW, converting it using their software and hardware box - out by midi din. This ensures that the midi clock remains in time with the audio in your DAW. (once buffer size and latency settings are tweaked).
    Maybe not the simplest solution but ... I set it up last weekend and it is tight, which is what its all about.

  • Hie, no1, but i would like just be able to do it with int apps, no need for now for ext hardware.

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