• oh ok!

  • Interesting!

  • ETA? Free update?

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    There’s a “Record” menu. That’s live drum pads. I hope.

  • MIDI Learn too...

  • @benkamen's Patterning is easily in my all time top 5 iOS Music Production apps. Only a new version of Auria could have me more excited than a second version of Patterning.

    That screenshot gives some clues as to what is being added, looks very interesting...

  • Getting excited!

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    Woah! Awesome! I skipped over this thread several times... p2 just didnt’t register as a thing.

    Recordable drum kit changes perhaps? Is that a tab for sending midi cc? Mmmmm chroma... lovely lovely!

  • Lovely...I hope it will be AU and universal...of course

  • ahh this is just what I needed to see today <3

  • Huzzah!

    What do those directional arrows along the right curve do?

  • Oohhh
    That has got me excited
    Update or new app, either way, will be on my iPad the minute it drops
    Got a lot of love for patterning, rock solid and Ableton export etc
    Fingers crossed we see this soon
    ( Ableton export for this version please please )

  • @cuscolima said:
    Lovely...I hope it will be AU and universal...of course

    I really hope it is AU. I’m in the process of culling all synths, drums and effects that aren’t. Er, with the exception of the Gadget apps and Animoog.

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    Nice, if not AU then I hope midi in and AB3 midi compatibility might happen :)

  • I have a strong feeling it’s not AU, but trying to remain excited anyway. :D

  • When and what, but mostly when....?

  • Should you need anyone ..... enjoy your apps and have a lot of beta testing experience. :p

  • I take it there’s no chance of it being universal?

  • Oooooooooooooh I am very excited. Patterning is probably my favourite music app ever. And for me, the most used.

  • Please keep updating your other apps too. I love them all!!

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